Confessions of a Dog Mom

Get ready to get creeped out folks.

I am a dog mom. Yes, you read that right.
 My dog Chordelia is my absolute best friend. She is my constant companion and my cuddle bug. I don't leave the house without her if I can help it, and she follows me around aimlessly wherever I go. If I walk into the kitchen, forget what I was doing and walk back out, she's right behind me. If I go into the bathroom and shut the door, she lays right outside until I come out. If I take too long, she slaps at the door to let me know it's time to hurry up.

I adopted her from a shelter when she was just 8 weeks old. I found her on the Petfinder website, and it was love at first sight. The shelter was two hours away from my house, and I had to wait three days after officially adopting her to take her home so that she could be spayed and vaccinated. Longest three days ever.

Now let me just say that I have always been a dog person. Growing up, I had another dog named Shadow that I adopted from the local animal shelter. He was my best friend and constant companion too. When he passed away from cancer, I didn't know if I could love another dog again. It just hurts too much to lose them.

But one day the idea just came into my head. I needed a puppy. So once the three days were up, I drove in the sleet and snow two hours away to get her. I've never had a kid, but when the lady gave her to me, it was like being handed your first child. I was hooked.

I chose the name Chordelia because I am a huge nerd and my favorite TV show of all time is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy seemed too generic and corny, Willow was too witchy, and Anya doesn't really leave room for a nickname. Plus, Cordelia on the show was super pretty, popular, and eventually became psychic AND another one of Angel's love interests. Bingo. I changed the spelling and added an 'H' because I like to be difficult. 'Nuff said.

So, I'm just going to come right out and say that I am one of those people who dresses up their dog. Nowadays she wears mostly bandannas because she grew to be fifty pounds and about three feet tall standing on all fours. She closely resembles a deer in stature. And like her Mom, it ain't easy finding clothes to fit big girls.
For real though. She is seriously the most beautiful dog of all time. She's an Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd mix and I have never seen another dog that looks like her. I get compliments all the time about her beauty and I stand there and take credit for it like I bore her from my own loins.

As a puppy, Chordie loved to dress up for different holidays and rock a chic look like a boss. As an adult dog, she's totes over it. Note the expression on her face dressed as Rudolph. Take a hint Mom. She's also the only dog I've seen in real life who, when in a good mood, will smile for a photo op. Fierce deluxe!
Chordie is definitely not one of those "active dogs." And by that I mean, she doesn't like to be awake. Girlfriend will nap 18 hours a day and then look at you like you have five heads if you ask her if she has to go potty. She loves a good pillow and a cool room. She also is sort of a freaky sleeper. Most puppies will run in their sleep, bark, eat, whatever because for some reason the part of their brain that induces paralysis doesn't function correctly. Chordie never grew out of this. She sleeps in bed with us and will violently wake us up with her reindeer legs kicking full force.

Since she was a puppy she has always loved puppets. Her favorite toy of all time is this puppet called Mr. Beaver. She got so aggressive with the poor guy I had to go buy three more just so she wouldn't run out. Chordie also loves windows. If there is a window, she's looking out it. She loves to live vicariously through other dogs who actually like to be outside. However, she does love the snow. She runs around like mad and frolics in it for about five minutes and then she retires.

I have never known a dog to have as much attitude as Chordelia. Everyone who knows her says she is a person in a dog's body. That could not be more true. She has so many non-verbal cues that I know what/how she is feeling at all times. When she's pissed, she pulls her ears back or flicks them around real snappy like. When she's happy she comes up to you and smiles while tilting her head back and forth. She loves everyone and everything and anyone who has ever met her falls in love with her too.

I know that people who don't have dogs or who have never formed that deep of a bond with an animal will never understand. But she truly is my best friend in the entire world. She is completely in tune with my feelings, and will respond accordingly. When my father died, I laid in bed that night and just sobbed. Chordie literally came and laid directly on top of me and held me until I calmed down. I don't know of any human being who has ever been as empathetic and comforting to me as she has been.

About four months ago she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Stomatitis. Basically, she gets sores in her mouth, it effects her eating, and she will vomit for days straight. She has to take steroids for the rest of her life, maintain a strict diet, have her teeth brushed daily, and can no longer enjoy Puppy Lattes from Starbucks. I don't know if it will effect her lifespan, and I don't like to think about it. I would not be okay if something happened to her.

I'm gonna go ahead and apologize for writing such a long blog with so many creepy pictures of my dog. She means the world to me and when I love something, I love as hard as possible. I'm really proud of how intelligent and beautiful she turned out to be. She's the best $94.50 I've ever spent in my life. If you've never had a dog, or never had a close bond with an animal, you are truly missing out. The love of a dog is unconditional. They will never judge you by your appearance, never hurt you or let you down, and they will never, ever, leave your side. I am so grateful for the day that God brought Chordelia into my life. I could not ask for a better companion.


  1. She is beautiful! I am a dog mom to a lovely chocolate lab/assuie mix "little" lady. I definitely understand the best friend/mom-baby relationship. Hope to hear more about your girl and see more adorable pictures! :)

  2. That is so sweet! And she is adorable, you should totally take credit for that! " like I bore her from my own loins" haha hilarious! I'm the crazy cat lady with 3 cats (and a husband who loves them just as much as I do) and it's just the best thing ever! I tell my husband all the time that when we have a human child, I just don't know how I'll be able to love it more than I love my cats. haha! weird, I know. Love your blog, btw. Glad you started writing! :)

  3. Love all the pics of your baby- she really is gorgeous :). I have a border collie that I'm more than slightly obsessed with- I totally understand the bond.

    Good luck on your weightloss journey & congratulations on all your hard work so far :)

    When's the wedding? I'm planning mine and trying to lose weight too- story of my life. :-/


  4. I love this post. I am a huge dog lover ... I have two- a yorkie who will be 9 soon (and my absolute angel), and a puppy who will be enormous at around 100 lbs. Our husky, whom we've had for 8 years, died suddenly in March, and my heart was broken in half. It took a long time to heal, to which I cannot honestly tell you that I am completely. Probably never will be. Doggies are my children, along with my 2 human children. I love this post!

  5. I'm a huge dog person, too! We currently have 4. And although sometimes I get overwhelmed with them, I wouldn't trade any of them for the world!