Happy Birthday BLG!

Today is my Bradley's Birthday! 
Happy Birthday Pookie Bear!

Even though he's the big 2-7, he's still a lot closer to 7 in many, many ways.
This is an evaluation of Bradley's from Kindergarten. Note the comment "needs to make some gains in maturity." It's like this was written yesterday.

But whatever age he acts like or is, I love him times infinity. So, in honor of his 27th birthday, I'm going to take a step out of my comfort zone and make a list of 27 reasons why I love him. Because I love him so much, I'll create a list that ends in a prime number. My love knows no bounds.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

1. I love you because you are the cutest boy ever and you make the silliest faces and say the most awkward and random things. I'm always laughing when I'm around you. Except when I'm yelling at you to put the toilet seat down. Then I'm scowling.

2. I love you because the other day I was complaining about being hungry during the day at work and not having snacks and so you went out and bought me some granola bars to keep at my desk.

3. I love you because you know just how important carpet lines are to me and you are so proud of yourself when you vacuum and it's to my standards. Now that's a real man!

4. I love you when you jam out to Kanye & Jay-Z in your car with your hat on backwards. This is how I think of you when I think about us first falling in love.

5. I love how much you love Chordie and how good you are to her. I especially love when I come home and you have her laying on the couch next to you even though she's not supposed to be up there. She has you wrapped around her paw.

6. I love you because you finally started putting your underwear in the basket every morning instead of leaving it by the bed. A little public shaming goes a long way!

7. I love you when you try to make dinner for me. Even when it's just grilled cheese and tomato soup. You try really hard and it makes my heart happy.

8. I love your big ole booty! It's the first thing that attracted me to you. Bradley got back!

9. I love you for putting up with my crazy 99% of the time. From the OCD to the bossiness right down to how grouchy and mean I get when I'm hungry, you've still stuck around.

10. I love you for proposing to me a second time the night we got engaged. After several celebratory drinks and shots you got down on one knee and proposed again; in the style of Randy "Macho Man' Savage. My response? "Oooohhh yyeeeaaaahhhh!" Perfection :)

11. I love you because you're the best Uncle ever.  Period. They all love you so much and it makes me smile whenever I see you with them. It also shows me just how great of a Father you'll be someday too.

12. I love you because you worked your ass off to lose your excess weight. You inspired and motivated me to do the same. I'm so glad I have a partner in this. I wouldn't want to go through it with anyone else.

13. I love you because you've tolerated my recycling these past few months without a proper bin. And I really do appreciate all those times you had to trek back and forth between the garage and the shed just to store all the extra water bottles while we waited for the city to finally deliver our new recycling bin. Mother Earth thanks you as well.

14. I love you for all the times you've woken me up in the middle of the night freaking out because you thought someone was in the house. I now know this is just something you Glover's do. And even though you followed ME through the house in your birthday suit carrying a hammer while I checked to make sure no one was here, I never thought any less of you. In fact, I'm thankful you gave me a great story to share with anyone that will listen.

15. I love you for not being really handy. I secretly think it's adorable. Except for the time the thermostat broke and our house was 85 degrees for about a week. You convinced me we just needed to replace it so we went out and finally bought a new one. When we got home and you took off the old one, only to discover it just needed new batteries, I obviously wasn't that mad at you. I didn't kill you or anything.

16. I love you because the factory where you work makes you wear a hairnet, and when I come see you, you look like a lunch lady. A sexy lunch lady ;)

17. I love you because you love to tell people you're "latino" because you're half Panamanian.  Except you are a ginger and look absolutely nothing like a latino. But dammit, nothing's going to get in the way of your pride, not even red hair and freckles!

18. I love you because you know pretty much everything about sports. Even though I hate watching sports constantly, and you know more about the 1998 St. Louis Cardinals roster than you do anything about me, I still think it's cute that you are so passionate.

19. I love you for not wearing Hurley t-shirts anymore since we've been together. Thank you for taking my advice and dressing like a responsible adult. I didn't even have to secretly throw them away like I had threatened to do.

20. I love you for keeping a flashlight on your nightstand so that every morning at 4:30 when you get up for work, you don't have to turn the light on and wake me up.

21. I love you because you need me. And I love taking care of you. My life is complete when you are happy.

22. I love you because you can't sit down while you talk on the phone. You're so quirky like that and it cracks me up. And I appreciate that you've taken your pacing down to the basement, because you were starting to wear down our brand new carpet.

23. I love you because you always try to hold my hand when we're driving in your car. Even if it is awkward because you drive a stick shift. You still always do.

24. I love you for encouraging me to start this blog. I know how you like to take alllll the credit, but I will give you that. You've been saying for months that I should at least see what it was all about and you were right. I love it.

25. I love you because you work so hard for us. You will work 12 hours a day five days a week in a 90 degree room just to make sure we have money and all the things we want and need. Only a real man would make that a priority, and I love you so much for all you do.

26. I love you because you lay in bed and sing me our song.

27. I love you because you're mine. Forever and always. I could not ask for more, and I can't wait to see you with gray hair someday. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of this lifetime with you by my side <3


  1. Awwww. I think I'm in love after reading this. Is that okay? Sisterwives! What a sweetheart. You've got a good one. When my husband and I were dating he drove a stick shift and did the awkward hand hold. Reading that totally took me back a few years to that moment.sigh :)

  2. This is a lovely "ode to a birthday boy" :)

    I love #6..I think that I need to start doing a little public shaming..maybe it'll get some stuff done around here!!
    Have a great day with your special guy!!

  3. Too much cuteness in one post!

  4. So sweet, I love it :)


  5. Our song is Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis. I love me some Elvis! Cute post.

  6. Such a sweet post! Happy Birthday to him!

  7. You are just too adorable, I love your list!

    Especially #16! Ha

    Happy birthday Bradley!

  8. Oh my gosh. Part of this made me teary and other parts made me literally laugh out loud. He isn't so bad, huh? :) Happy Birthday, Unlce Buck!

  9. I love that you remember such little things. I was reading it & thinking "oh, my husband does that too!" And I should give him credit for all the quirky things he does that I don't always remember makes him who he is and why I fell in love with him. A very sweet post!

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