Is today the day after Thursday or the day before Saturday?

Hey Hey Hey!

It's Friday! That deserves a Zorro snap in  Z formation!

I live for Five on Fridays peeps. I can't wait to make a list that consists of five things, and they all happen to be super important to me. This is the formula for pre-weekend success!

Let's break it down!

1. Three day weekend say what! Thanks to Labor Day, I get to sleep in and watch as much reality television as possible on Monday. I might even consider venturing out of my house for a few drinks somewhere. Having Monday off gives me so much extra space to do activities!

2. We have some super awesome plans for tonight! Check back on Monday for a recap ;)

3. What's with all the fast food employees picketing? Or is this someone else picketing outside the fast food places? All I know is, I went out for my usual Dr. Pepper run on my lunch break and I had to detour to the gas station for a fountain soda because there was what appeared to be an angry mob staked out outside McDonald's. I would do just about anything for a fountain DP from Mickey D's, but getting on the wrong side of a crazed mob of strangers isn't one of them.

4. I came home Thursday night and Bradley had thoroughly cleaned our house. I'm talking carpet lines in every room, swept and mopped the bathroom and entryway, bleached the bathroom, took out the trash, finished the laundry, and put away all of the dishes since our dishwasher is on the fritz. To top it all off, he wasn't here when I got home, so it immediately felt all wrong. Like he had paid someone to come do it. After some thorough questioning and seeing the beaming smile full of pride on his face, I determined that it was in fact him that cleaned. I couldn't have been more surprised or excited!

He was so impressed with himself he even Instagrammed a picture of our living room. While his cleaning skills are up to my standards, he obviously needs to work on his picture taking abilities ;)

5. Kayla Layla gets her first paycheck today! Woot woot! Gotta hit up Target as soon as I get off work tonight. Sorry Bradley, money just burns a hole in my bank account. Does that make sense? It does to me!

Have a great Friday everyone! What are your plans for this three-day weekend?!



  1. Ok I obviously don't get out much because I had no idea that the fast food employees were on strike or picketing or whatever....holy crap what is this world coming to..ha!

  2. There ain't nothing sexier than a man that cleans the house. I'll come home to find that my husband used his lunch break to do some cleaning around the house. The rewards are plentiful for taking the liberty to help clean the homestead. :)
    Holla! Drinks on Kayla with her first pay check. cha ching $$$$

  3. Best guy ever! That's soo amazing! I about fell over dead when my husband just offered to clean the shower (one of my most dreaded and hated cleaning activities) today on his day off work. Then afterwards he told me that he understands why I hate doing it so much - so that's even better, I think!

    Congrats on the first paycheck!

    Have a wonderful long weekend!


  4. Can I borrow him to come clean my apartment :)

  5. Do you think you can get him to teach my fiance?? Haha! Happy long weekend!


  6. Stepbrothers is one of my fave all time movies!! Congrats on the paycheck!!