Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

I often walk into a room and say this in the style of Mrs. Doubtfire and no one gets it.
So we just got back from our vacation to Houston and it was just what the Doctor ordered. We don't often get to do anything fun because we are house poor/wedding poor, so it was nice to escape the daily grind, even for just a few short days.

We went and visited Bradley's sister Noel, her daughter Eliana, and his mother. They relocated to Houston early last year and this was our second trip down to see them. I love Houston because it is a big city with lots of things to do, but it is relatively laid back and easy going. I don't feel the pressure to go-go-go, nor do I feel like I'm being judged for being a tourist and photographing everything cheesy and cliche in sight.

I love the chance to spend time with Bradley's sisters. Not only do they make for great future sisters-in-law, but I feel like I can also call them my friends. Noel makes me laugh until I literally cannot take a breath in, and she is so welcoming and such a great hostess. We had a blast.

We did all the tourist-y things while we were in Houston, which I absolutely love. Since I'm also currently dabbling in photography it was a great way for me to really work on my skills and gain a little confidence behind the camera. We visited the Houston Zoo, the Houston Aquarium, the local beach, and NASA's Johnson Space Center. It was an absolute blast and such an incredibly fun experience.

My favorite moment by far was getting to pet the stingrays at the Houston Aquarium. They were seriously like puppies, coming up out of the water and splashing along the sides to get your attention. I was all about it, but Bradley had to warm up to it for a few minutes before he gave it a go. If you ever happen to have an opportunity to pet stingrays, do it!!

At the heart of all the fun was the joy it brought to my Bradley. Visiting his family is so important to him. All of his sisters live in different states, so getting together with them can be challenging. I know how much he loves and respects them and nothing makes me happier than seeing him together with them and feeling the love they have for one another. The last time he and both of his sisters were all together was this time last year for his birthday. We all had so much fun and that experience meant so much to him. I hope sometime soon it can happen again.

 Overall, our trip to Houston was an incredible experience and I'm so thankful for the time we all got to spend together. I think sometimes I take for granted that my entire family lives in the same town and we are all so close. I talk to my mom and sisters daily, and we are the type of family that doesn't get off the phone without saying I love you. Right now I'm just feeling really grateful for my family on both sides of the aisle, and I could not ask for more.

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