Weekend Shenanigans!



I know I'm not the only one who woke up like this today

The beginning of the week is upon us yet again. The only thing motivating me to get out of bed this morning is linking up with Sami to talk about my weekend Shenanigans!

Friday night my sweetie and I went out for dinner to celebrate my first week at my new job. We ate our weight in chips & queso and had our pants unbuttoned before we even made it to the parking lot. 

Afterwards, we met my family at the riverfront for some ice cream and to let the boys play at the playground. Their favorite part was throwing anything and everything they could find into the river. My favorite part was washing my hands when I got home.

Saturday morning Chordie and I got in some major snuggle time because Bradley had to work. Girlfriend didn't waste a second claiming his spot AND his pillow on the bed when he left. 

For dinner I made us Crockpot BBQ Chicken sandwiches and zucchini boats. My sister has a huge garden and gave us a bunch of zucchini. I've been looking for ways to cook with them and couldn't really find a recipe I was totally sold on, so I improvised and came up with my own. They were so so so good! I would have taken a picture of the sandwiches, but Bradley forgot buns at the store when I sent him there to get a few things. I was feeling merciful so I didn't make him go back again to get them. We ended up eating them on regular bread. For shame!

And I finally got to use our new cups we bought in Houston. Strawberitas taste so much better in Houndstooth. Roll Tide!

Sunday we had a couple of people over for Bradley's Fantasy Football draft, or as I like to call it "a waste of time." My brother-in-law is in the league with them so he came over and brought the boys. Everything always starts out as a brawl, with the three of them constantly beating the crap out of each other. So I used my go-to method for instant obedience; a good ole fashioned threat. I told them they wouldn't be putting on their new costumes unless they smiled for a picture. Voila, a Kodak frickin' moment!

They spent the rest of the afternoon shooting each other with their billy clubs and putting out fires in my bathroom. 

Their favorite thing by far was getting to arrest Uncle Bradley, or as they like to call him, Uncle Poophead. When he resisted, they proceeded to use brute force. I think they may have bright futures in law enforcement/fire fighting.

Sunday night was VMA night, and I must be getting old. I didn't know a lot of the people on there, and I was definitely less than impressed. But I am going to say right here and right now that I love me some crazies. And I don't care how weird and bizarre Miley Cyrus is, that bitch is cray and I loved it. Who else has the balls to rock the same hairstyle as Angelica's doll from Rugrats? Does this make me sound even older?

And of course, who didn't love the over-hyped 15 second N*SYNC reunion? Thanks for letting us know you're still alive Chris Kirkpatrick. By the way, congrats on finally ditching your dreadlocks too.

Did anyone else watch the VMA's? What did you think?!

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. I can't believe that those little costumes came with their own bully clubs!!

    And I don't have cable (sad I know) but I plan on watching the 'highlights' from the VMA's today online because everyone has been talking about Miley and her twerking and I got to see what this hoopla is about.

  2. I was so sad that the N Sync reunion was so short... I wanted more!! Oh well, Justin totally owned the night so that was great!

  3. The zucchini pizza's look fantastic and congrats on your first full week! I was so disappointed in the N'Sync reunion. It was too short and they seriously didn't even look that into it. Oh well. And Miley... I just have no words.

  4. Hahaha!! Thanks for letting us know your alive Chris!
    You're awesome!!! I love zucchini boats! And zucchini brownies, you should make some of those! Lol! Send em up to me!

  5. LOVE their costumes. Oh my god..dieing...(said in my best Rachael Zoe voice). Truth be told I like Little Miley Cyrus but I think she needs to get over the fact that we all know she's a grown up and stop grabbing her crotch and sticking her tongue out. Is it bad that I was totally blushing watching her grab Robin Thicke's crotch this coming from a girl that was not embarrassed at all by 50 shades...ekkk...

  6. I honestly feel sorry for Miley, she seems so horribly lost!! I couldn't take my eyes off the trainwreck and then forced my (we love hannah montana) pre-teen girls out of the room while I struggled to find the remote! My girls don't need to see that!But JT on the other hand.... LOVE!!

  7. Haha, "my favorite part was washing my hands..." I can totally relate!
    I must have been the only person that didn't watch the VMA's, but I totally appreciate your Miley/Angelina's doll comparison! :)

  8. These pop Princesses going off the deep end MUST STOP! It's getting out of hand. Okay, that gif was me this morning. I got to work late because I did not have it in me to get up with the first alarm.
    Those boys are so adorable. I bet it was the hugest blessing to be able to take care of them day in and day out. I know that a million feminists are rolling over in their graves but my ultimate aspiration is to be a stay at home mother.

  9. I love your dog! How many boys do you have? So, the *NSYNC reunion really happened?!?!? I knew I should have DVRed it!! I think this is a phase for Miley. I hope anyway. She looks terrible.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  10. I LOL'd at the Rugrats doll/Miley comparison. Too funny! People were all up in arms over her performance, but was it really that much different than her video? I haven't seen it yet (I watched bits & pieces last night), but will watch it in full tonight. I totally agree with the whole N'Sync thing. I felt like it was poorly planned and just thrown together at the last minute.

  11. Gah I LOVE zuchinni!! My favorite recipe I found on Pinterest was called Crispy Parmesan Zucinni. You slice the zuchinni into thin rounds and coat them in olive oil. Have a mixture of Panko bread crumbs, shredded parmesan and garlic powder. Press the zucinni rounds into that mixture and lay on a baking sheet. 40 mins and 350 degrees and you have crispy, cheesy perfection. I could eat them every night. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  12. I youtubed her to see what the fuss was about.... She got what she was aiming for..... everyone talking about her today. It was inappropriate in my opinion- which is swayed by the fact that I have a 6 year old who will see this and try do reenact that shiz! probably at school... where I will get a call about my daughters booty shaking not being right for school.... lol can hear it now! "um mrs price miss priss is wagging her behind around with her tongue hanging out. Says shes dancin like hanna montana with her teddy bear?"

  13. OMG, OMG, OMG....Those tiny little Peppers jerseys are the cutest thing!!! Of course, when it comes to kids, it seems that things are ten times cuter when in threes!!