Five on Friday!

It wouldn't be a proper Friday without a little Five on Friday link-up action with Darci from The Good Life Blog!

1. I am so happy that this week flew by. This is the first weekend in forever that we have absolutely nothing planned. At least, nothing important enough for me to remember right now. I am going to lay in bed in my unders and watch so much reality TV that I start talking to myself like I'm being interviewed.

I haven't watched Dance Moms in over a month. My life is nothing without Abby Lee Miller in it. That bitch is cray in the best way possible.

2. On Wednesday night, Bradley and I teamed up to deep clean the shit out of our house. I'm talking, bathroom and kitchen scrubbed, every shelf and table dusted, all floors vacuumed, and laundry completely done. He spoke my love language fluently that night.

Speaking of Bradley, sometimes he's so dorky and funny he reminds me of Kenny Powers. I found this gif the other day and it just reminds me of something that Bradley would do, all awkward and white-guy like. Cowboy hat included.

3. I seriously have so many funny blog posts stirring around in my head that I can't wait to share. I have been brainstorming and writing notes on my phone for days. I'm having a hard time trying to find a balance between work, school, my house, Bradley & Chordie, my family, my friends, and TV right now. So, I feel like my blog has been suffering a bit. Dontchu worry your pretty little heads though, next week is going to be off tha hook, yo!


4. Has anyone updated to the new IOS 7? I never even updated to the IOS 6 :/ I really hate change, I like things to be familiar and consistent. Right down to the software on my phone. Bradley updated last night and I'm scared of how different it is. I don't know if I'm going to be able to take the plunge, it seems way too far out of my comfort zone. Anyone have any thoughts on it?

5. This.

Bible, this was written about me. Sounds like my Saturday!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)


  1. Happy Friday, Kayla Layla! Maybe Chris will take the cue and help me deep clean this weekend! ;)

  2. I wish my husband would help deep clean the house once! You're one lucky lady. :)

  3. If you love Dance Moms you should watch Abbys ultimate dance competition! I'm obsessed! And I downloaded IOS7, I have mixed feelings..it looks different but everything pretty much works the same. My favorite is going to be that apps update themselves. There is nothing I hate more than that stupid red blob over my app store 24/7

  4. I upgraded to iOS7 last night. It's actually not that bad at all. The new features are really nice, especailly the new control panel that can be accessed from the lock screen. That's what you can do this weekend...update your phone and learn to use it while watching reality TV. That's my dream weekend right there!

  5. I have not upgraded to iOS 7 yet. I am also not a fan of change - though I did love the update to 6. It's just that 7 is SO different, ya know?! I think, in the end, the changes will be for the better, but I can't wrap my head around them just yet, haha!

    Also, I do not have enough memory on my phone.. Probably because I hoard photos on my phone had have over 7,000. Oops.

    So that's my excuse for not upgrading, though I still don't think I would yet, even if I had the space.

    Jealous that you guys teamed up and deep cleaned the house. We so badly need to do this, that it almost hurts. We haven't tackled our basement in eons - yikes.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Ummm.. I'm updating as I write. We'll see sometimes change is good. Like me not eating McDonalds and soda. See some change can be good. Deep cleaning sounds wonderful, maybe one day after the kids are gone and the husband goes on a long fishing trip, because you know this house can not stay clean with all of them here.
    Peace out girl have a great non-scheduled weekend.

  7. Ugh we need a major deep clean over here. I want a clean house, but I don't want to do it...oh the dilemma. I updated to iOS 7 yesterday and I really like it. So far no complaints! And yes to #5!!

  8. If it's reality tv, it's for me! I love me some good ol' drama that's loosely based on truth. Call me a smut tv watcher but I'd rather watch those shows than the most of the scripted stuff.
    I'm excited about your upcoming funny blogs. You should do a "Fall Season Preview" like ABC does. Giving us a small hint of what's to come. ;)
    Oooohh, getting to deep clean my house is what wet dreams are made of. I haven't been able to do a really good house cleaning in so long. I need to have my mom baby sit my daughter while the hubby and I scrub some base boards.

  9. YES to the new iOS... it's awesome!! Get with the times girl... you'll love it! Have a good weekend!

  10. Our weekend plans seem pretty similar. Have a good one!

  11. I LOVE the new update and since we are totally on the same brain wave most times you'll like it too :)

  12. I hate change too! I dusted my iPad, and I hate it. It looks weird and my keyboard seems effed up. But in the words of my techy husband (said in a nasaly, whiny voice), if you don't upgrade that shit will slow WAY down. So, I took the plunge and wish I didn't!!

  13. omg omg omg, I literally thought I was the only person in the world who never updated my phone..tell me if you take the plunge! I've heard it drains the battery fast and I've heard it's the best thing in the entire world.. Did Bradley notice a drop in his battery life?

    I deep cleaned earlier this week too, I feel like I can breathe again :) I feel ya on friends + family + work+ maintaining a relationship/pets + the million other things that crop up really get in the way of blogging. My poor blog has been so desolate.

    I hope you have a delightful weekend of realty tv-ing :)


  14. I know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed! I see the blog as being an outlet. I love your blog! You are hilarious!!


  15. Kenny Powers actually comes back for season 4 tonight (Sunday). Where do you find all your fun GIFs? I'm late on this, but have you updated to the ios7, yet?