Hump Day Guest Post!

Bonjour mes amies! ('Scuse me for busting out some 4th year French on ya. Thank God I took it all four years just to spice up that college transcript, huh?)

Today I'm guest posting for Tim over at Tim Bob's Bloggy Blog. Tim is a super awesome guy that we met through Holly. He originally began texting Bradley a few months ago and motivating him about his weight loss. We met him and his wife Jennifer at Chris' surprise 30th birthday party. They are both such sweet, genuine people and we had a great time. I can't wait to plan something so that we can all hang out and have another blogger slumber party :)

Whew, that was a lot of links.

Anyways, Tim is so cool and I felt honored to be asked to guest post for him today. So please go check out his blog and read about what a gomer I was as a kid.

Since I never posted any pictures from my weekend, here's a few from my nephew's 4th birthday party and my niece's 16th birthday party.

Obligatory Aunt Kayla photo-shoot

Blowing out the candles on their Firetruck cakes my sister made for each of them!

I feel like you can see the dimples on my thighs in those pants. Note to self, stop wearing them unless you like looking like a tub of cottage cheese.

Kjirsten opening her present from her boyfriend. Teenage love, puke.

I can't bring myself to even look at a piece of cake this week. Like, for real. My work pants were so tight on Monday, my ass is practically backing into a new wardrobe. And I was doing so well too. I weighed myself Friday and I was down 6 pounds! I had already met my 4% weight loss goal for Skinny Meg's Diet Bet.

I wish I wasn't so poor so I could get a friggin pedicure already

But I'm not stepping on a scale until this coming Friday because I don't want to get discouraged. If I can take off 6 pounds in two weeks without really working out and still drinking a soda a day, I can kick this excess birthday weekend weight no probs.

At least I'm going to keep telling myself that.

Okay folks, now skip on over to Tim's blog and read my post already!


  1. Heading over now.......I'm sure it will be hilarious.

  2. Now I want to hear you sing the night the lights went out in Georgia!!
    Way to go to your sister for making three cakes!! Crap, I almost put myself in a mental institution making one plain old cake!! Your niece and nephews are so dang cute!

  3. Could those boys be any cuter?? Please be quiet about the pants, you look great! I was doing super good the first 2 weeks too... and then last weekend happened lol


  4. I love how each of the boys each gets their own cake. So cute!