It's pretty much fall and I'll stop shaving my legs if I want to!

Every morning this week when I've gotten up to take Chordie out so that she can drop a mondo deuce that makes it look like we have a domesticated elephant living at our house, it has looked, felt, and smelled like Fall.

I know that Fall doesn't "technically" start until September 22nd, but I like to think that I'm important enough to dictate when the seasons really start.

Because I love Fall, and I love lists, and I love lamp, therefore I'm going to create a list about Fall (but not about lamp).

1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks are my JAM. You can bet your sweet ass Big Momma's in the drive-thru at the first whispers of it's return.
2. Candles! I don't normally burn candles all year round, but in the Fall it's pretty much mandatory. Your house needs to smell like pumpkin and cinnamon. If it doesn't, you're a bum.

3. Fall is the beginning of pants-wearing season. Translation: Us women stop shaving our legs. Period. We all benefit from that extra 5 minutes in the morning we save by not having to shave. We also have a free fur coat that insulates us from the cold. Win-Win.

4. The colors in the Fall are my favorite! I love reds, oranges, browns, and yellows together. I can't wait to take my camera out and just get some really great candid shots of my town in the Fall. Plus, a warmer color palatte is much more flattering with my skin tone, so overall I look better this time of year. True story.
                                                                  I didn't take this but I wish I had. Beautiful.

5. Every Fall my family goes to the local apple orchard to pick apples, pumpkins, and most importantly, stock up on apple cider, fudge, caramel apples, & apple cider donuts. There's almost nothing that pleases my inner fat girl quite like apple cider donuts from our favorite apple orchard. I get incredibly possessive over mine, and I refuse to share. One time my family went there and one of my sister's thought it would be funny to secretly eat one of mine. You would have thought someone kidnapped Chordie and was holding her for ransom. I will admit I have a habit of overreacting sometimes. But still, you don't freakin' steal someone's apple cider donuts. Have a little decency people. 

6. Fall has the most perfect weather of all the seasons. I'm a sweater. If I even think about sweating, I start to sweat. If I see someone sweating, it makes me sweat. But yet I spend 99% of the time being cold. It makes no sense to me either. In the Fall, the air is chilly and crisp, and the humidity finally skips town. There's almost always a nice breeze, and the sky is always the most beautiful shade of blue. Perfect weather for us sweaty, cold people.

7. TV is so much better in the fall. All of our favorite shows start back up again (T-Minus 5 days until the new season of SOA!) and there's always something decent to watch. Not that I watch live TV, come on. I'm too much of a snob to watch commercials. But my DVR is always stacked with some good shows to unwind and watch with my Bradley.

8. Fall means ushering back in the scarf to our daily wardrobes. If you're like me and have a gobble neck goin' on, a scarf is your best friend and favorite accessory. Sometimes I like to live dangerously and rock a turtleneck. Speaking of turtlenecks, did anybody else used to wear dickeys? I just googled them for the hell of it and never realized they had such a history. Or that they used to be referred to as a "detachable bosom." The more you know.

                                                                             Most famous dickey of all time

9. This is our first Fall in our new house which means Fall Decoration Time!! I am a big fan of the dollar store, and I don't care who knows it. They always have the cutest and cheapest decorations for any season or occasion. I've already scoped out the one by my house and I know exactly what I'm going to be buying and where I'm going to put it. I'm making myself wait until at least the middle of September so that I don't get sick of them by the end of October. I also plan on gettin' super crafty and making a Fall wreath for our front door. I found this one on Pinterest that I absolutely love.

10. Because this.
                                                                               Greatest movie of all time!!!!

11. (I know I'm making a list of 11, don't worry, I like the number 11 even though it's prime)
The first weekend of September every year, my town has something called the Marigold Festival. A couple of weeks before the actual festival, we have a city-wide Medallion hunt. This guy who has been doing it for years will go out and hide the Medallion and write these cryptic clues and put them in the paper for everyone to use to try to find it. If you are lucky enough to find it you win like a cruise or something. Last year an animal of some kind took the Medallion and it was lost, so he had to go out and put a new one in it's place. Just a few days ago someone randomly happened upon it right before the start of this year's hunt. Weird, but true.

Anyways, Friday night is the lip sync contest and entertainment downtown as well as the carnival (I don't do the carnival, I'm not big on carnies), Saturday morning is the parade, and Saturday and Sunday are Art in the Park. Art in the Park is basically a big craft/food expo with a bunch of tents set up in our park around our lagoon.

I love love love walking around and buying stupid shit I don't need. It'll be even more fun this year because I have a house that I can fill up with all the stupid shit I don't need. That's not even the best part; Bradley has to work Saturday so I'm completely unsupervised! Ahh! I can't wait to fill up on Lemon Shake-Ups, pork chop sandwiches, and cinnamon roasted almonds. Clearly Saturday is my free day this week ;)
                                                                                     This year's Medallion

So, now that you know why I love Fall, let's hear why Fall makes you giddy like a school girl!


  1. the colors, the scents, the sports..... I love fall!! My girls are cheering for mighty mite football this year and I am so stinking excited I can hardly contain myself!

  2. You had me at stop shaving your legs. I love fall. I love it because I can stop sucking in the fat and start covering it up with a big baggy sweatshirt. But I love flip flops...perfect WI weather. Yes, we wear sweatshirts, short, and flip flops. Winning. LOL...Oh and doughnuts seriously I can't eat them. They are one of my vises. Seriously fat girl crack. num num..

  3. Cinnamon roasted almonds omg. So good! We're going to Hayward Wisconsin at the end of the month and they'll have a Fall Fest that weekend. I can't freaking wait! I love fall (AND Hocus Pocus, Holler!), too. Sweaters, cider, bonfires, jack-o'-lanterns, and vests are my favorite

    1. Crap! I got distracted! I nominated you for a Sunshine Award on my blog today!

  4. Ugh HATE shaving my legs HUGE waste of time :)

  5. Love it all except the pumpkin flavored stuff....never been a fan. Cant' wait to get my Fall decor out.

    PS--You've been nominated! :)

  6. Your town sounds pretty awesome!! Those seem like fun events!
    I actually have a dickey from Christmas vacation!., I ordered Jason the moose mugs last year, and in the box they threw in a dickey! BONUS!!! And you bet your ass I threw that shit on and wore it all day! Even under my workout clothes! I was rocking! Good thing I worked out at home, I guess!!
    It's foggy here today, so the leg shaving has officially stopped!

  7. I'm so excited for fall tv to come back! Woohoo!

  8. I totally love this list! I agree with it all!

  9. Umm Apple Cider donuts?? WOW!
    I may or not have explained my undying love of donuts (aka doughy little pieces of heaven) to the trainer at my gym with my hands clasped over my heart. She laughed her head off and almost fell off her chair. Love those suckers! ;) Reason#4852 that confirms that I am a chubster. I think I need to track down some cider ones.

    I love fall too....it truly is the most wonderful time of the year!!

  10. You forgot the festivals! it's CHowderfest and chilli cook off season!! who doesnt love eating massive amounts of free food while walking down the crisp fall streets!!

    PS. As much as I love SOA, its totally not the same without Opie, he was my favorite.

  11. You slay me! You are so funny. Please keep blogging forever.

    Btw...I did a shout out to you on my blog yesterday. You know...in case you were wondering were the surge of new readers were coming from. It was just me and my 99 followers.


  12. I am so thrilled I am not the only person who loves Hocus Pocus! I have it on VHS from years ago and we no longer have a VCR. I need the DVD version!

  13. I'm sad to say I broke down and put up my Fall stuff last weekend.. I'm just ready for some nice weather, what can I say?? Too bad it's still 100+ here! I agree Hocus Pocus the best movie of all time! If I had apple cider donuts I'd be protective of them too.. :)