It's time to finish some sentences boo!

I have to say that I'm really offended that I didn't get asked to be a part of this link-up with Jake and Holly. Not because I even know Jake, or that Holly hasn't already done enough for me in the blog world, but because I had the perfect freaking outfit!

Sans camel toe of course.

For real though, how much cuter would the button have been if it looked like this?

Seriously. We look like the Holy Trinity of Blogging. All minty and happy and stuff. Just putting that out there.

Anyways, I can't wait to Finish the Sentence with Jake & Holly today!

My happy place... a spotless house cleaned by Bradley, our fridge stocked with Strawberitas, and wings from Domino's on the table for dinner *hint Bradley I know you'll be creepin' my blog today hint*
Whatever happened to... Predictability? The milkman? The paperboy? Evening TV?
So what if I.... secretly fantasize about putting Nair in Bradley's shampoo whenever he pisses me off. It's a far safer outlet than actually doing it. Thankfully I love him more often than I don't :)
E! needs a reality show about... Kayla Freakin' Layla!!!!!
My go-to fast food meal is... I don't eat fast food anymore, but in my fat girl hay-day I could smash a 10 piece nugget meal with a large DP from Mickey D's like it was my job.
You might not know that I... was on TRL back in 2005 and I met Ryan Cabrera and Marques Houston. I even did a shout-out for my friend's birthday. So basically, I'm famous.
The hottest quarterback in the NFL is... I asked Bradley this question because I don't know anyone's names and he told me that "Tom Brady is a pretty good looking guy." So there ya go.
If I could.... go back in time and buy those PopTarts I was eyeing at the gas station today I totally would.
My personality is awesome because... I mean really? Would you ask Mariah Carey why she's such an awesome singer? Or ask Michael Jordan why he's an awesome athlete? Or ask Holly why she's an awesome blogger? No. We are just born awesome.
Twerking is.... Too much work. I prefer the cabbage patch or the shopping cart. I like to leave a little to the imagination with my dance moves.
I think it's super gross when... I use a public bathroom and my hair accidentally touches the seat when I bend over to wipe it off. I can't even think about it right now without getting the willies. Long hair don't care.
Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus.... to consider "pushing the envelope" a little more. Try being provocative, show some skin, be a little risque girlfriend! Sledgehammers and wrecking balls can be really sexy when used properly. 

Phew! Was that as good for you as it was for me?


  1. Well we had the same answer to #2 so basically that means we're soul sisters, right?!;)

  2. hahahaha OMG you crack me up!!!!

  3. I'm gonna have to go with "long hair DO care." Cause I'm with you on the fact that I would be dry heaving if my hair touched a public bathroom toilet.
    I was pretty boring when I mentioned my go-to fast food on my blog becaue I rarely do fast food anymore and it's healthier now. I guess you really can teach a fat girl new tricks!! Yay, me!

  4. Love it! I seriously love the picture!Nair in the shampoo?? I almost choked on my coffee :) You crack me up doll!! :)

  5. Now you have me wondering whatever happened to Ryan Cabrera!

  6. I freaking love that you photoshopped yourself in the picture with mint shorts. Made my afternoon!! LOL

  7. LMAO! I think these are my favorite responses yet! Also, you totally fit in with Jolly (celebrity couple name, whutt)! You could be Jollayla!

  8. let's start our own linkup....AND THEY WON'T BE INVITED!!

  9. Now I have the Full House theme in my head. Thanks!
    A Kayla Layla show would be awesome!!
    And dude, I'm famous too!! I was in Mighty Ducks Part 2!!! I had to cheer Emilio and all those boys on, then when I left the paparazzi almost knocked me over....oh wait! That was my dad trying to get a pic of my bros and me in front of the arena. Damn. But yay to being famous! Have your people call my people, we'll do lunch!

  10. You totally fit in their picture!! HAHA!!

    And I am going to need you to post a step-by-step of the cabbage patch and shopping cart, because I have no idea what they are!!

  11. OMG the hair - lmao... and for real TRL - you lucky girl you.

  12. hahahaha!The pic of you popped up in my reader and I had the same thought- PERFECT outfit! I say you abd Hubby Jack do a link up!!


  13. All in favor of Kayla doing a vlog of her cabbagepatch?
    You could bring it all back and be even more famous for your "Kayla Friggin Layla" show.

    love it!

  14. My husband went through a "shaved head" phase and once got the bright idea to Nair his head. From his reaction, it's probably the equivalent of a woman getting it in her nether region.

  15. Benn MIA, but getting caught up. I met Ryan Cabrera too back in the day when he was popular, but that was only because my Hubs worked for a radio station and he was there doing press.