Lists and Fridays are my favorites!

I have to admit, I've been a pretty shitty blogger this week. All of my posts have been link-ups because I've been busy being an adult and what-not. Next week I promise I'll be back in the mix with some original bombass shizz for your viewing pleasure ;)

So without further adieu, it's time for some Five on Friday! Hey Hey Hey!

1. Everyone's favorite girl Holly is partaking in the St. Jude Run this December in Memphis. She needs to raise $500 in order to participate, however, being the super awesome over-achiever that she is, she has set a personal goal of $2,500. Please check out her fundraising link and help a sista out!

2. My nephews, D, K, & G turn 4 on Saturday! I can't believe how quickly time has flown by! I design shirts for them every year, and this year their theme is firetrucks. Last year it was tractors, because they are obsessed with John Deere. I'll be taking 1,000 pictures at their party so I'll be sure to share a picture of them in their sweet custom shirts on Monday :) This is the three of them from last year's party!

I can't even deal with how little they look here. They have grown so much!

3. On Sunday my niece Kjirsten turns the big 1-6. If that doesn't make me feel old I don't know what will. She's my oldest kid, and of all the things I have to be thankful for in my life, she is definitely at the top of my list. This whole weekend is going to be very exciting and bittersweet for myself and my entire family.
Clearly she gets her good looks from me

4. I am still not over the new episode of this season of Sons of Anarchy. Like, I just can't. There was so much going on, and a lot of it was so fucked up. I am still disturbed. Jax Teller, why you gotta go and be an adulterous bastard? Better yet, why did you have to make me so excited about it by giving me the best 4 seconds of my life seeing your naked booty? I cannot wait for 50 Shades of Gray! If you've read the books and you know what Charlie Hunnam looks like, your panties should be all in a twist about it too.

Can I get a hall pass for this guy?

5. My real life main squeeze Bradley had his first two softball games for his work league Thursday night. I went to the first game and wouldn't ya know it, my lil' slugger caught a line drive at first base for the first out of the game. Definitely some web gem shit right there ;)

That was the best play of the game for his team unfortunately. They lost 14-0. Yeah, that really happened. I didn't stay for the second game because I was cold and I felt like a Cub's fan cheering on a losing team. But he was still the cutest one out there and that counts for something in my book!

Ow Ow!

I've decided to channel my inner Kardashian and sport a top knot to work today. It's casual Friday and it's only supposed to be 72 degrees, so I'm going to be rockin' a sweater/top knot/jeans ensemble like mah gurl Khloe K (sans crackhead husband). Creep me on Instagram and check out how good I look!

Have a great weekend lovelies!



  1. ahhh I wish it was 72 degrees here :( Texas weather is always drunk

  2. I had no idea who Charlie was but started watching SOA after 50 shades was cast to see what all the fuss was about. Oh my god.

  3. Kayla Layla.....you done went and spoiled the new season for me.

    HAHA! J/K.

    Well, I mean you did spoil it, but it's okay. I'm super duper behind on SOA and am at the Season 3 Finale. Trying to catch up fast so I can watch the new season with everyone else.

    PS-ROLL TIDE! :)

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  6. I don't watch Sons of Anarchy, but I am A-O-K with him playing Christian Grey.