Strawberita Fever!

Being just slightly full of myself, I like to go back and re-read my blog posts at the end of the day. Mainly because I find myself both clever and witty, and somewhat because I like to make sure it still sounds good a day later. No one thinks I'm funnier than I do :) I'm not really sure if this falls under the category of narcissism, but once I'm done admiring all of my extremely flattering Facebook profile pictures, I'll let you know.

So, after I re-read my post about Labor Day Weekend, I realized that I talked about Strawberitas like they were my wingman to every event or something. If for every time I said the word "Strawberita" on my blog yesterday you had to take a drink of a Strawberita, you'd all be as drunk as I was at Hubby Jack's birthday party. And then you would proceed to fall asleep whispering about how Skinny Meg commented on one of your blog posts once. This would all make your fiance really start to wonder about you...

What is this infatuation I have? Why do they have to taste so good and come in such a cute, compact can? Can you imagine just how much better high school and college would have been with Strawberitas in the mix? Can you?!

Now I know I told you all about how I joined Skinny Meg's diet bet yesterday, and yes I am wholly committed to losing weight and getting healthy. But I'm the type of person that can't have serious restrictions. It makes me want to rebel in the worst way. So cutting out Strawberitas is a deal breaker for me. Not that I get the shakes or anything without them, but they make doing things like cooking dinner and folding laundry a lot more enjoyable every night a couple nights a week.

Plus they come in such cute little cans people. I can't get over it. They are like Polly Pocket sized.

If you couldn't tell, I prefer mine straight out of the can, even though I don't like drinking soda, beer, or anything else out of a can. Cans are dirty and just not my style. But there's something so sophisticated, so chic, about this dainty little can with the strawberries and the margarita glass on the sides. I feel like a lady when I'm drinking my Strawberita out of the can. A real classy lady.

Some people may prefer Strawberita's sister, Limearita. To you people, I say suck it! You're missing out on all of the goodness that Strawberita's have to offer. Please don't ever offer me a Limearita. Would you offer Beyonce some Boone's Farm? I didn't think so.

Yeah, I just compared myself to Beyonce.

For whatever reason, all of the bars in my area don't stock Strawberitas. I don't get this level of thinking because it's just nonsense. If you serve it, they will come. So I will resort to taking them just about anywhere that it's socially acceptable. I will stock my purse just to go lay out at my friend Megan's, I will pop a few in a bag to take to a cookout at my sister Jaime's, shit I will even sneak them out onto the golf course because I'm such a rule breaker like that.

For someone who used to strictly be a beer drinker, Strawberitas have changed my whole outlook on life. They taught me to try new things, because you just might love them. They taught me that great things come in small packages. And they taught me that what may seem like a bad decision, (getting hammered at your sister's wedding and karaoke-ing for 5 hours straight) is just Strawberitas way of saying, let loose and have fun girlfriend. Life's too short to waste all that extra time drinking 4 more ounces of beer with 4% less alcohol per volume. I thought this was Get Your Shit Together September people! Priorities!

Anyways, I hope you're all encouraged enough to give Strawberitas a try. I'd love to hear about all the bad decisions you make under her spell :)

*This post was written under the influence with a little help from Strawberita :)


  1. I just discovered their wonder rather recently, but have loved them since. I find also that if you are throwing a party you can pour a whole bunch into a punch bowl, with some strawberries, and mint or basil, and they think you are so incredibly fancy.
    The single sized cans are a bit too small for my liking however so I usually stick to the tall boys if I'm going for the can.

  2. I just discovered these little cans of nectar from the gods this past weekend. I agree...drink all the Strawberitas!

  3. I'm scared to admit this but... I tried them and didn't like them! For shame, I know!! BUT, I agree that you're clever and witty, so does that help make up for it?!;)

  4. Get your pinky out and have a strawberita on me. Oh wait it's only 7am.

  5. I was hoping for a Strawberita sponsored giveaway.

  6. haha! This is awesome. Especially the comparison to the clearly inferior Limearita! Drink up, lady! You can cut calories elsewhere ;)

  7. Don't let go of the strawberita!! I think we were seperated at birth!! If I could get over my "my life is too boring and no one will read my blog" idea, this totally would have been on my blog! :)

  8. I think...I think I might be...yes, I'm sure of it! I'm quickly developing a blog crush on you. sigh
    Okay, so here's the deal about me. I LOVE hilarity in all forms. Funny banter, sarcasm, and wit are my 3 love languages. This has caused me to be virtually uneffected by normal humor. I mean, the basic run-of-the-mill funny is not funny enough for me. It might make me lift a corner of my mouth in grimace but it's not enough to make laugh. All my real life besties are some of the funniest ladies I've ever met. Living this lifestyle has spoiled me. I hope that makes people feel sorry for me because it's incredibly sad not to find stupid humor funny, mainly because there is an abudance of that while there is very little clever wit to go around.
    Okay, enough talk about why I'm falling in love with you. *stalker mode-off*

    I will have to try a Strawberrita. Since it comes so highly recommended.

  9. You are awesome!!?, now I need to go out and try that shit! Too bad we don't have em up here in Canada yet!!! Bonus, I'm going to Washington on Friday!! Think I may need to load up!

  10. bahahahh I totally do the SAME thing on my blogs lol

  11. Nick is OBSESSED with these. I was grocery shopping a few weeks ago and came across these in "tall-boy" versions and thought it'd be a nice surprise for the hubby (I bought 2 - one strawberry and one lime). What I didn't realize is he'd drink the two I bought him back to back and just be completely hammered. It was pretty hilarious!

  12. Don't hate me, but I've never had one of these. Gah!!!

  13. Never had one....I didn't like the Limearitas and these scare me.

  14. You are hilarious. Budweiser is missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime if they don't ask you to be a Strawberita spokeswoman (spokesberita?).