Thank You Sweet Baby Jesus it's Friday!

I have been such a good girl all week. I set a goal to blog every day and I did it! I am freaking tired from maintaining my house, working, my homework, and this little slice of heaven over here in blogland.

I could NOT be any happier that it's Friday because I love linking up with Darci from The Good Life Blog for 5 on Friday. She is so cute and funny, and we even posted the same e-card last week for our 5 on Friday's. We are basically twins ;)

1. I had such a great response to my posts about mine and Bradley's love story beginnings and I can't thank all of you enough for reading along. He's told me that he would like to write a rebuttal to said posts telling his side of the story (ahem, and denying the cold, hard truth) so I've decided to give him the platform he needs to basically reinforce everything I've already told you about him ;)

The best comment I received was from my girl Becky over at Call It Serendipity. I just about died laughing reading this so I have to share it now with everyone.

"Sweet Story :)

I gotta say though isn't it good that girls mature before boys and that with maturity comes patience and acceptance?? Boys can be so ridiculous. :)"


Talk about hitting the nail on the head (with the hammer Bradley sleeps next to every night because he's scared of the dark constantly thinks someone is breaking in) with that comment!

Make sure you check around next week to read his lies post!

2. Who is excited for the Real Housewives of New Jersey Finale this Sunday?? THIS GIRL!

Shit is gonna go down people, and I am ready. Teresa can suck it.

Is anyone watching I Dream of NeNe or Tamra's OC Wedding? I haven't even had a chance to start with them yet but I'm hoping this weekend is my time!

3. Tonight my nephew's have a School Carnival at the Christian School they attend and I'm so excited to go meet their friends. Whenever I ask them about the kids in their class, they only ever talk about this kid named Brandon. I guess Brandon is a bad ass because he took a pair of scissors and cut his own hair. My nephews talked about him like he was a rock star. I can't wait to meet Brandon and check out his hair cut tonight!

4. We are so close to the end of Skinny Meg's Diet Bet! I haven't weighed myself in two weeks because I'd already reached my 6 lb goal. I haven't really worked out, I've just changed my eating habits and slowly weened myself off soda (which has really sucked) so I'm eager to see the final number on the scale.

Bradley has a couple more pounds to lose, but being a guy who can drop weight like crazy, I'm sure he'll be fine. He's been addicted to soda and sunflower seeds lately which has driven me INSANE. I will find them in my shoes, all over the floors of our house, and even in my purse. There's even a sunflower seed in the break room at work that fell out too.

He was even going to the extreme of "couponing" them at Kroger. The had bags with a $1 off coupon, and they were on sale for a $1, so he'd go in there and take off all the coupons and get them for free. Just the other day he tried this and they wouldn't do it. I think this has discouraged him enough to quit. At least for now.

5. Sunday morning is my first paid photo session and I have been so excited/nervous all week. I can't wait to share some pictures from the shoot next week :)

I hope you all have a great weekend, get out there and get a Pumpkin Spice Latte already!


  1. I watched Tamara's OC wedding. It was good! But I just love her anyway :)

  2. I used to be a scrapbooker ... I remember making a page telling our "story", the title was "His-Story" followed by "Her-Story" for MY perspective.

    I rarely hear about a BOY who cuts their own hair ... it's always the little girls with the long locks. With my five boys, I never had a "cutting their own hair" moment. I wouldn't have cared (other than not wanting them to have scissors unsupervised), we've always kept their hair really really short anyway.

    1. ... and based on your feedback, I did add the GFC widget and the bloglovin widget. I only have a couple followers so far, but I guess you need to start somewhere, right?

  3. Drinking my PSL as I read. Love your blog...thanks for always cracking me up :)

  4. Hey can you get a picture of the dude that cut his own hair? I am totally picturing a teeny tiny Uncle Jesse, with a bald spot. THAT would be bad ass.

    I cannot wait to read Bradley's take on the story...CAN.NOT.WAIT.!!

    Have a superduper weekend!!

  5. I watched the Nenster on her show tonight. I think it's gonna be a fun filled drama fest this season. Nice and trashy, just like I like it.
    I can't wait to read Brad's side of the story... Fiction is my favorite!

  6. Hope your photo session went amazing!

    Don't you hate that men can drop weight like that? Uhg, I know "life isn't fair" blah blah blah... it's still total crap though!

    That's crazy that you even found sunflower seeds at work!! lol


  7. Found your blog through Holly's fresh meat post! Don't you get so pissed how boys can loose weight so fast? My boyfriend dropped over ten pounds in two days, it's crazy!

  8. I live off of Pumpkin Spice eeeeeverything! I tried the Starbucks 'just add milk' pumpkin spice latte packets and wasn't impressed, it kinda tasted like plastic...I'm hoping the Target brand Pumpkin Spice coffee is better!

    My boyfriend lives off of sunflower seeds too, if I come home with some jalapeno sunflower seeds he acts like I just gave him a brand new puppy...

    And thanks for the help on how to make my blog a real-life blog! I think I got everything added that you requested ;)

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  10. Ahh...sorry I hit enter too fast. Girl you gotta love Tersea. Seriously she makes the show. LOL. I watched Tamera's wedding because I love her. It was typical cray cray at it's finest.

  11. hahaha, I can't wait to read his version! Although I'm sure yours is the correct one :)