Weekend Shenanigans!

Even though my weekend was super lamesies and I loved every minute of it, I'm still linking up with Sami from Sami's Shenanigans because I love routines and things that are familiar :)

Sami's Shenanigans

1. I didn't do anything of substance or importance. Sure, I got some Halloween decorations out and put them around my house, but I was such a lazy blogger that I didn't even take a picture of it. Oh no she di'int!

2. Okay, so I did do some stuff. I went to breakfast with my mom, my sister, and my nephews Saturday morning. When I got to my sister's house, the first thing K asked me was "Did Brad poop his pants this morning?" This isn't an unusual question for them to ask me. In fact, this is one of their favorite topics of conversation. I have them convinced that Bradley poops his pants on the reg, AND eats toenails and boogers. They are so into this story that, when I used to trim their fingernails and toenails, they would go get sandwich bags and make me collect their trimmings and take them home for him.

They basically think Bradley is the most disgusting person on the planet, and they love it. Bradley will even pretend to poop his pants around them and ask them to change his diaper. They laugh hysterically at this every time. They will talk mad shit to him constantly about how he is a big baby, and I really think it makes them feel like big boys to do this.

3. I watched so much television this weekend that I had dreams about Abby Lee Miller and Nev from Catfish. I was shopping at Target with Abby Lee Miller and she was trying to get me to buy some dance shoes, but I told her they were going to hurt my feet walking around in them at work. When I finally found a pair of shoes I liked, my size wasn't out on the floor so we found someone to help us check the back. Turns out, Nev from Catfish moonlights as a Target employee who is great at helping you accessorize.

I know, this is all blowing your mind right now.

Even though I probably watched a total of 16 hours of television, I somehow only managed to clear 2% from our DVR. So I have this strange feeling of not accomplishing anything and feeling pretty guilty about it.

4. Sunday morning my sister and I took the boys to Toys R Us to spend some birthday gift money from Holly, and they drove us insane. They were like maniacs all over the place wanting everything. Their birthday was a week prior to this and they also own 3 of everything in the store. Not to mention they have, no joke, over 100 tractors of various shapes and sizes. Yet, somehow they managed to complain that they didn't have enough tractors and needed new ones.


We put the kibosh on that real quick and convinced them instead to get some power tools and this really cute Whack-A-Mole game. They ended up being really happy and excited with their new toys and played with them the rest of the night.

After taking them next door to the Halloween store and scaring the shit out of them for our own entertainment purposes (Creep on my Instagram to see a super funny video), I went home and took a much needed nap. Then I made Bradley and I an awesome dinner consisting of corn on the cob, crack potatoes, and hot dogs.

This weekend was so liberating for me. I like to feel busy and in control of everything, with a plan and a list and it all wrapped in a bow. It was nice to just go with the flow and not have any plans and do whatever I felt like doing. I really needed this weekend to get some rest and be alone with myself and my reality tv.

I have some awesome news to share as well :)

I have my very first "official" paid photo session this coming Sunday. I've done some photo sessions before for my sister and my nephews, but I didn't get paid, so this is suh-weet! I've been really praying about taking the next step with my photography goals, and I'm really excited for this opportunity.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing with you one of my favorite love stories. My own :)

Peace out Girl Scouts!


  1. Shocker, we're totally on the same page... I consumed wayyy too much television this weekend but loved every single second of it (aside from the migraine part)! Sometimes we just need those weekends! I looked around my house last night and thought that everything should have been spotless since I was home all weekend with nothing to do, but did I clean?! Nope! And it felt pretty damn amazing! :)

    Have a good week girl!

  2. I used to LOVE when my nieces and nephews were small enough to tell them outrages things that they would totall believe. It's too fun. I can imagine when they are older they will tell people, "No, for real, my Uncle Brad used to poo himself all the time!"haha
    I wish you lived closer. I would hire you to take some profesh photos of my baby girl. The lady I initially used when E was a baby is not that great.
    I'll be tuning in tomorrow. I love love stories AND I'm also just really nosey. ;)

  3. I'm glad the boys had fun on their shopping spree. And your weekend sounded perfecto!

  4. At least your nephews went INTO the Halloween store with you. We took my nephew and the minute we started pressing all the buttons on the scary things he was out of there! I felt like a terrible Aunt!!

  5. I love lazy weekends! I have a photography business on the side, too. Good Luck!