5 On Friday!

Thank you Jesus for creating Fridays. I live for them.

I'm excited to be back in the saddle, linking up with Darci from The Good Life Blog for my favorite link-up :)

1. Holla for jean day at work! My dress pants are feeling a little snug from packing on a couple pounds the past two weeks. I like to self-medicate when I'm sick by having Bradley get me king-size Twix and Snickers on a nightly basis to ease my pain. Plus, my thought process has already gone to convincing myself it's okay to put on a few pounds because the holidays are around the corner and I'm going to gain weight anyway. Can you say faulty logic?

2. I'm so excited for the Cardinal's game tonight! Game 1 of the NLCS baby! I love baseball, but I get bored watching games during the regular season unless it's against the Cubs because at least the rivalry spices things up a bit. But the post-season gives me such a baseball high. I love the intensity and the drama of it all. Plus, I like rubbing the Cardinal's success in the faces of my Cubs fan friends. That never gets old ;)

3. Bradley tried convincing me last night that we should make the 6 hour road trip to Lexington to watch the Alabama/Kentucky game. Because 12 hours in the car and 4 hours watching a game I'm not in to sounds like the perfect way to spend my Saturday. In the words of Dr. Evil, "How 'bout no, Scott."

Not that I wouldn't want to go to another game with him (the last Alabama game we went to it poured, we were soaking wet, and we discovered they don't sell alcohol at college games) but I'm not interested in an unorganized, spur of the moment trip to go to one. I like things well planned out, and I like enough notice to be able to relinquish some control over the situation. Mostly, I just want to sleep in and drink Strawberitas all day. I have priorities.

Maybe I'll spend Saturday crafting some sort of Alabama wreath for the front door to satisfy his Crimson Tide needs. Blog post idea ;)

4.  I'm participating in this Fall Swap that Allie from Tales of a Twenty Something is hosting and I'm so excited. I got partnered with Ashley from Cats, Cuddling & Carrot Cake and it has been so fun getting to know her and reading her blog. I just mailed out her box today and I can't wait for her to get it and check out all of her goodies. Check back next week for a post about our swap :)

5. I've been thinking a lot about doing a Q&A post sometime soon, so if all of you lovely people could comment with some questions that you are just dying to know the answers to about me, please feel free. I love talking about myself (obviously) and I really want to get a dialogue going between myself and all of you beautiful people who visit my corner of the blog world daily. 

The person with the best, most unique question will get to write a guest post on my blog! Listen, I know I'm not at Holly status where that is like, a big deal, but I want my favorite readers/bloggers to all get to know each other like I do. Plus, I'm going to give you a topic to write about, which is going to be lots and lots of fun to read ;)

I hope you all have an awesome weekend! I'm going to try to kick Bradley's ass into writing that damned blog post he insisted he be allowed to share. His reluctance at this stage in the game just reinforces everything I've already told you about him!!

Check ya later fools!


  1. Sorry u lost me at baseball. I'm not a huge fan, can we still be friends.
    Ok questions: what is your favorite Halloween costume? If you could wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would it be? What exercise do you hate the most?

  2. October baseball is the best baseball :) I'm not a Cards fan, but I do love me some baseball... and I also dislike the Cubs!

  3. What makes you unique? Like the characteristic that is Kayla Layla. Thing that reminds other people of you.

  4. OHHH Kayla Layla you just made my day :) just cus you are you :)

  5. I have a question for your Q&A... why oh WHY are the Red Sox the best team in baseball?! BOOM Kayla Layla, there you go!;)

    1. Suck it Erin!!! I am not letting her go to the dark side on Baseball.... It looks like she is beyond help in the College Football department. I am still having nightmares when I think about Houndstooth. So, you can have her for football, but she is all mine for baseball!!!

  6. Ohmagosh I am so very excited for the game tonight!! My hubs is there and I am so very jealous of him but this is one of those childhood fantasies for him and his dad and our little guy to go do so as long as Mr. Tatum shows up tonight to check a fantasy off my list, we are all good!! :)

  7. We got this!!! And let me tell you the only good thing about the cubs....jeff samardzija. And that is only because he was an awesome college football player.

    But, seriously... Can we talk about Alabama football? You have know idea how much this breaks my heart. I can't STAND Alabama. It could be because I am a huge ND fan, and they destroyed us in the BCS game last year. But that isn't even it. Why is it that every two seconds, they have to yell that obnoxious "Roll Tide"? I am not even kidding... Every two seconds. And I know you have won like 85 championships in the last five years, but let me tell you what is unacceptable. Leaving early when your team is WINNING the game. I was at the game in Miami last year. And there were a ton of Alabama fans that left the game in the 3rd and 4th quarter? What is that about? Are you afraid you are going to have to sit in the parking lot for an extra 30 minutes? Your team is winning the biggest game in college football, and you leave? That would be like leaving the Cardinals game in the 7th inning of game seven because they are up 18 - 0. CRAZY!!

    Okay-- End rant. Have a great weekend! If you get bored cleaning your house, feel free to come over and help me with mine :)

  8. Even though baseball is the worst most boring sport in the world, I will not hold that against you. You're still one of my favorite blogs!! I have a question: when are you and Bradley getting married and do you plan on having kids right away or do you want to me married for a while first?

  9. You know I'd be down for the Q&A because I like to know way too much about people. And don't feel bad about the extra lbs you may have acquired while you were sick. I don't let my homies gain weight alone. I have the matching set on my right and left butt cheeks. I seriously am eating at Thanksgiving level. The seams on my jeans are tempting fate each time I sit down. Those stitches are holding on for dear life.

  10. Q&A question - how do you keep your hair looking so gorgeous all the time?!

  11. Q & A: You are walking along at the state fair and about to devour a couple three fried oreos when a fan of your blog comes running up to you screaming, "IT'S KAYLA LAYLA! HOLY FUCKING COW IT IS KAYLA LAYLA!!!!!!" This crazed fan starts asking you a million questions and all you can think of is how you can get one of these glorious deep fried cookies into your face hole. What is your strategy? Go! \