Is it Friday Yet?

Does anyone else wake up on Monday morning with this exact thought running through their head?

I need to either find a rich husband (sorry Bradley) or win the lottery because I'm ready to retire and sleep in 7 days a week and have someone else clean my house for me.

Just kidding! Everyone knows cleaning is my favorite pastime.

I pretty much spent my weekend chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool & all. It was glorious. Except for some issues with Gloria, my car.

She's been acting like a big piece of shit lately, not wanting to start and dying when she sits idle at stop lights. Now don't get me wrong, I love my Gloria. It was my dream at 16 to have a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I got her almost 4 years ago, and this coming May she will finally be paid off. So naturally she's starting to fall apart and costing me mucho deniro while we're trying to save up for our wedding.

Bradley the Handyman decided he was going to take matters into his own hands and fix the problem. After all, "It's just the starter babe. It's real easy to replace." Right...

After going out and buying a new starter, he pulls up in the garage and gets to work. Whenever I hear the words, "Bring me my toolbox" I always get a knot in the pit of my stomach.

However, nothing triggers the uneasy feelings quite like making lunch in the kitchen and hearing Bradley say, "Babe, I need duct tape."

Fuck. Duct tape? Really? He claims he was just taping some wires back, but we'll find out once I drive ole girl to work tomorrow morning whether or not she's put back together properly.

Note the roll of duct tape on the left side under the hood. Real mechanical-like.

Thankfully Gloria is up and running again, purring like a kitty cat. My handyman saved the day, duct tape and all. We took her out this afternoon and vacuumed and wiped her down so now she's all sparkling and smelling like strawberries and lemonade. 

Just to keep with the theme of speaking my love language this weekend my house got deep cleaned to the nines and I even made Bradley clean the bathroom drain out so that we weren't standing in a puddle of water every time we showered. After pulling a small Wookie comprised of my hair out, she's draining good as new. 

I am on cloud 9 after getting so much accomplished and Bradley is hating his life. Which is fair considering I've had to listen to Fantasy Football phone conversations non-stop the last week to the point where I want to drop his phone in the puddle of water that accumulates in the shower. Maybe that's the real reason he finally broke down and cleaned it out? 

I also made this super cute Alabama wreath this weekend for our front door. I'm going to attempt to be a "crafty blogger" and write a post about it. I am quite the crafty gal, but my specialty is bitching about life and eating my weight in chocolate while drinking cases of Strawberitas. So that tends to be the theme of this little blog :)

Because I was a maniac this weekend about my clean house and clean car, Chordie Girl here had to get a bath as well. She hates hates hates baths. I asked her if she wanted to go take a bath and she went and laid on our bed and stared at me defiantly. I had to drag her into the bathroom just to get her in the tub. She wouldn't look at me for an hour afterwards. To sweeten her up a little bit, we went out and bought her a brand new Halloween bandanna. Judging by the look on her face, it didn't help.

I'm holding Chordie a little tighter in light of Chris and Holly losing their beloved Chauncey. Chauncey was such a good dog, he was so good with Haven & Olive, and I know how much Chris loved him too. I'm so sad for them today and I'm glad that Chauncey is at peace now in the big backyard in the sky eating all the cheese he can handle.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and that your week goes by quickly. I loved all of the questions I've received so far, and I'm hoping to get a few more so that I can do my Q&A post sometime later this week :)


  1. Every. Single. Monday. and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!

    I also have a Grand Cherokee. I got a little Saturn when I turned 16, and I couldn't wait to sell it for my first big girl car...a good ol' Jeep. That I have hated every moment since we got it! I have had both my driver's and passenger's windows just fall into the door as I was driving, my AC/vent fan has been messed up since we got it, AND I have coolant that slowly leaks into the oil. Poor dear has almost 200,000 miles on it now, so it may be about time for her to retire! I am glad yours has treated you better!

  2. Who is your favorite family member of Bradley's? Who is the least favorite? LOL

  3. I think these thoughts every single workday!! I wish I could only work on Fridays and still get paid the same amount!! Haha!!

  4. hhhahahaha I dated a guy once and he was all for duct taping my bumper back on :/

  5. Did you also shoot some b-ball outside of school?!

    Please, please, PUH-LEASE come clean my house for me... I'll even let you watch the Cards while you do it!;)

    We should be neighbors... I totally want the same things out of life that you do... lots of money and to sleep in everyday... so that would just be perfect!

  6. I'm a haterrrrrr! But in the most I'm-so-happy-for-you-while-dissappointed-with-the-state-of-my-house-and-car kind of way. I did get the chance to wash my bed sheets this past weekend. My how the mighty have fallen. I remember the days when I'd clean the house top to bottom and the smell of bleach/laundry softener wafted through the house. Yeah, that's not the case now adays.
    On the plus side, my car is duct tape free.hehe Sounds like Brad is quite the handy man!

  7. OMG Chordie is so adorable, love the puppy pictures. Lorelei hates bath time too. Instead of ignoring me (a la Chordie) she prefers to get her retaliation but running up and down the hall dragging herself along the wall to get the maximum amount of house soaked. It doesn't matter how quick we are with the towels, she always makes a break for it. If we're lucky her grand finale is rolling in the dirt my parents house. Damn dogs! haha