It's Friday and I've quit caring about life

Don't you love the creative blog titles I come up with?

I don't know how I do it, it's just like, a gift from God or something.

I am so freaking glad it's Friday. This UTI has pretty much ruined my week. I haven't had a single Redbull, I'm in pain, I'm tired, I'm cranky, I'm hungry, and I'm ready to lay in my underwear this weekend and watch TV without any responsibilities.

Yep, you just got Rick Rolled in the most awesome way possible.

Really though, I have never been so happy for it to be the weekend in my life. I'm not doing a link-up today, I'm not going to stress about my emails, I'm not even going to yell at Bradley about the dishes in the sink. Because I'm just glad I made it to Friday, and the rest can suck it.

I have to get my niece ready for homecoming Saturday afternoon, so I need all the rest and patience I can muster for that event. Afterwards I have to take pictures for her, and then hopefully I'm well enough to drink a case of Strawberitas and brainstorm funny blog topics.

My little brother also turns 23 on Saturday, which makes me feel incredibly old. I'm glad he was born in 1990 so that I can quickly do the math to calculate how old he is at any given time because I'm always forgetting. Which also makes me feel incredibly old. 

Sunday we have our annual JDRF walk we participate in for my nephew who is a Type 1 diabetic. He was diagnosed less than a month before his second birthday. He doesn't know a life without it and it's very important for us to raise money for a cure. With Bradley also being a Type 1 diabetic, the chances of our children having it are fairly high. Participating in things like this makes me feel like we are taking steps towards changing not only my nephew and Bradley's lives, but my future children's lives as well.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend. I have appreciated all of your funny comments, and everyone who has expressed an interest in button swapping. I promise I will respond to each and every one of you like I always do. It just might take me a day or two, I need a little R&R tonight. I need for it to stop burning when I pee. And I need caffeine.

I pray all of my dreams come true by tomorrow.


  1. I've had ONLY water for 4 days straight and I'm DYING for a pepsi!!!

  2. Yes dreams come true tomorrow - I am in. LOL

  3. UTIs can suck it! They are the worst! Feel better :)

  4. woohoo!!! I just got my Rick-fix for the week! sweet!

  5. Your button is up on my page, ho. I want a jumbo one over here. :) But really, I will have Chris add a section for you on your page so they looks nice and neat. We also need to get your bloglovin' button worked out. Love your face, KLT.

  6. Sounds like a fantastic weekend...really enjoy the quiet while you can...soon it will be the holidays and you will be wishing for silence. Feel better KL!!
    Hey the offer is still open...a little road trip to Canada on Sunday, be here for noon. We'll feed ya! ;)

  7. Fell better!!! UTI's suck ass.

  8. Sucks that you still feel gross. My brother will be turning 23 in April (1991) and it makes me feel old, too. Although I really am old. I'm 30. Ugh. I also have cut out coffee and most pop since Oct 1st with my whole fitness challenge that I started for myself. Gah! Some days I would KILL for it. Hopefully you will have a great and relaxing weekend. Toodles!

  9. UGH I HATE UTIs!!!!!! like more than I hate ole Jillian feel better I miss my fave stalker :)

  10. UTI's are the devil! Hope yours goes away soon and you can enjoy your weekend.
    And that is the best gif! That's my life half the time.

  11. UTIs suck!! Maybe lie around naked and let that shit air out!! Lol!! It works for diaper rashes!!
    Kidding, of course!
    Good luck on the diabetes walk. It really is a terrible disease!

  12. No caffeine?? You're a brave woman, I don't think I'd make it one day..