Kayla Layla's Kraft Korner

Today's blog post is brought to you by the letter K ;)

I'm finally getting around to posting about my little craft session I had over the weekend. Bradley has just about driven me to the point of insanity with sports on television lately (short drive) and so I needed a little something to keep myself preoccupied while he sat and yelled at the television for 10 hours on Saturday.

Even though we are big Cardinals fans in our house and it is the post season, I've been contemplating creating an Alabama wreath for some time now. Our living room and dining room are gray, our kitchen is crimson, and we have houndstooth print accents throughout the house as well. So it just made sense to create a wreath to go along with our Alabama theme.

I also like to do craft projects and talk to myself like I'm Martha Stewart and I'm filming a television show. Don't act like you've never done this. We all want to be Martha deep down.

We took a little trip out to Hobby Lobby Saturday morning to collect my supplies. I brought Bradley along so that he had some say in what I used because I knew he'd be bitching about my choices if he wasn't. I decided to go with the ever-popular deco mesh wreath style that I've seen all over Pinterest. Lucky for me, the mesh was 50% off, which was music to my debit card. Everything else was either 30% or 40% off as well, so the total for all of my supplies was just shy of $28. Not bad for a DIY wreath that goes for $60+ on Etsy.

My supplies included a roll of gray and a roll of crimson deco mesh, a medium-sized wire wreath thing I found in the floral section, a roll of houndstooth ribbon with the wire so that it maintains shape, some pipe cleaners, a wooden A, and some houndstooth felt to cover it.

I started out by putting the pipe cleaners all around the wreath for each section. Since there are four rows of wire, I attached one to the outer-most wire, and the third wire down for each section as such.

I did this because I wanted to basically weave together the two different colors. I started with the crimson mesh and attached it to the outermost section, left about 6-8 inches of slack, and then attached it to the inner pipe cleaner on the next section.

I continued this around the entire wreath and when I got back to the beginning I cut the mesh and attached the end to the wreath with a pipe cleaner.

Then I began adding the gray to the wreath using the same process, attaching it to the outer most layer, leaving some slack, and going to the next open inner section.

Again, once I went around the entire wreath, I cut off the excess and attached the end to the wreath with a pipe cleaner.

When I was done with that part it looked like this. I then went around and fluffed out the mesh and evened it out so that both colors were equally represented and gave it a more rounded shaped. Then I began attaching the ribbon by first gathering the end and tying it to the wreath with a pipe cleaner.


Then I simply wrapped it around the wreath, making sure to evenly space it throughout. 

Again,  I went through and fluffed and puffed so that it looked symmetrical and even. That's the nice thing about the deco mesh is that it's pretty flexible and stays how you shape it. Next I got started on my letter A. I decided to hot glue the felt onto the wood because I figured it would stay on most securely. 

I coated the front with hot glue and laid it on the felt. Then I went around the sides with the hot glue and folded the felt over it to cover the entire shape. This part of the process was the biggest pain in the ass because it was fairly time consuming and meticulous. However, my A looked really cool in the end.

Once that was completed, I took a pipe cleaner and attached the A to the center of the wreath and voila! Super bad ass Alabama wreath for our front door!

I plan on spicing it up a bit with some little football and elephant knick-knacks, I just have to search the internet for some cute cheap ones to buy since I haven't seen anything around here that would match. Overall I think it's super cute and was relatively easy to make.

I'm hoping to go out this coming weekend to get some more fun mesh and possibly start making a Christmas wreath. There are so many fun ways you can customize wreaths and I love getting creative and making things myself so that I can brag about how amazing I am. Oh yeah, and Roll Tide!

In other news, I got my swap package from Amanda over at Cats, Cuddling, and Carrot Cake and I am over the moon! She did such a great job getting me things that I would love and I can't wait to use them all.

I got pumpkin cupcake hand sanitizer (My OCD went wild with excitement) a pumpkin pie candle which is currently burning on my dining room table and smells AMAZING, Cinnabon almonds which I almost cried about (they are seriously so delicious) two cute nail polishes in great Fall shades, Warm Vanilla Sugar hand lotion (one of my all-time favorite scents) apple cider chapstick (I can't even believe that exists it is so amazing) some super duper cute hair ties, and a bird necklace. Obviously the necklace is my absolute favorite gift in the swap, it is so adorable and you all know how much I love birds. I am wearing it to work today and I can't wait to take endless selfies of myself in it :)

It has been so awesome getting to know Amanada and reading her blog. She is such a sweet girl and she's so funny. Everyone needs to go read her blog so that you can love her as much as I do! Thank you again Amanda for all of my lovely gifts, they are all so perfect and receiving your package made my entire week!

Don't forget to keep your questions coming for my Q&A post! I've received so many funny, thoughtful, and unique questions so far, it's definitely going to be tough to pick one as the winner. I'm already starting to answer some of them and I can't wait to share this post with all of you :)


  1. Thats funny you like to pretend you're on a talk show! My childhood best friend and I used to do the same thing..we would pretend we were making cinnamon on our own cooking show with my sandbox sand and snow. And spring was the perfect time to make 'soup' with helicopters from the trees :)

  2. Can you make one for me??? I will need it to be blue and gold with some shamrocks and a big ND in the middle.

    Seriously though. It is super cute! I meant to email you about yesterday's post, but then I had to take my daughter to dance class and then I started watching the game, and then I had to watch some DVR, because we were going to lose stuff. Next thing I knew it was after midnight, and I realized I had to go to bed so I could do the whole thing over again.

    Go Cardinals!!!

  3. I love the wreath. I am a huge Alabama fan and you made this process look pretty easy! Roll Tide

  4. LOVE the wreath!!!! Looks great even if it is a Bama one :p

  5. I am so glad that you liked everything! I am officially obsessed with those hair ties- I had never tried them, but since they're so popular I got myself some when I got yours and I was so surprised by how well they work.

    Also, your wreath turned out super cute! The A is my favorite part :)

  6. I JUST made one of those wreaths on the weekend and none of the tutorials on Pinterest actually explained how to do it - so mine just looks half assed. I might have to try again after this post. Or just say screw it and pay someone on Etsy to do it for me...

  7. ... I used to be crafty. I even had a booth at a boutique (pre Etsy days). I'd spend my days sewing and gluing. Then I moved into scrapbooking and did that for several years Now exercise (and blogging about it) is my obsession. I don't craft or scrapbook much anymore. Good for you for staying so well rounded!

  8. That wreath is so dang cute... good job Kayla Layla!

  9. Awesome wreath. You make me want to make one!

  10. The wreath is super cute! Good work, Martha Layla :)

    PS: Those hair ties are amazing for us girls with strait hair, no more bump in your hair from your pony tail holder!

  11. The wreath turned out amazing. I'm pretty sure if I attempted that you would get the elephant touch that you wanted.. as in it would look like a elephant sat on it ;-)

    What a sweet care package too!