Poppin' the Question

My friend Megan just got engaged last week to her boyfriend Brian. Brian's brother is my friend Bethany's husband Shawn. Bethany and Shawn introduced Bradley and I. Are you following me so far?

My friend Ashley got engaged a couple of weeks ago to her boyfriend Spencer as well. These wedding bells have to be exhausted from all this ringing!

So in light of all of these recent engagements within my group of friends, I'd like to turn this into a story about myself. See what I did there? ;)

My engagement story is really cute and awkward, just like my Bradley. We both knew very early on that we were going to get married. I never believed it until it happened to me, but you really do just know. About 4 months before we'd gotten engaged, we were shopping at the mall and decided to go look at rings just for the hell of it. I tried on this one ring in particular, and we both had the same reaction about it. It was most definitely the one.

Being the creep that I am, I took a catalog they had in the store home with us and put the picture of the ring on my nightstand at his house A. Because I loved it, it was beautiful and I couldn't stop staring at it and B. Because Bradley responds best to pictures and instructions.

On the December 21st of last year I was working in the evening making Christmas cookies with my nephews. We went all out with the icing and the sprinkles. All of the things that my nightmares are made of. It was a really great day and there was a bunch of snow on the ground but the sun was out. I remember thinking how perfect it was and how excited I was to be enjoying the holiday spirit.

Bradley called and told me we were going out to dinner at a local seafood restaurant which should have been my first clue that something was amiss. He never eats seafood. And he was rushing me along, telling me to shower and get ready at my sister's house so that we could go as soon as I got off work. Again, I should have been able to sniff this out, but somehow I missed all the signs.

On the way home from dinner he starts talking to me about Geocaching. In case you've never heard of it before, it's basically an App you can get on your phone and you follow a map and use a compass to find these hidden caches. They can be really tiny or pretty big. You put your name on the log when you find it and then put it back. My friends and I were obsessed with this a couple of summers ago and I'd always tried to get Bradley into it but he just made fun of me.

Quickly the conversation turned into him wanting to stop and find one on the way home. It was 20 degrees out in December with snow on the ground, but I was so astonished that he was actually caving in that I didn't object. So he "navigates" us to this cache he finds on his phone, parks the car, and we get out to find it. He was wearing his coat but he also grabbed a hoodie he'd had in his car. I'm like, "Why do you have a hoodie?" His quick witted response was, "Uhh, I'm cold?"

I had my phone out trying to use my flashlight to find the cache while he's messing around behind me pretending to look. At this point I'm bitching up a storm because I'm irritated, cold and incredibly full. I was having a hard time finding it and I started looking in a different place when Bradley was like, "Try looking over there babe I think I see it." I checked around this light pole and sure enough, there it was. I pulled out the log to sign it and in it's place was a note that read, "Pookie, will you marry me?" After I shit my pants, I turned around to find him on one knee, kneeling on his hoodie in the snow, proposing to me. 

I ugly cried like it was my job for about 5 straight minutes before I said yes. It was the cutest, sweetest, most thoughtful thing he's ever done. He'd even asked my Mom for my hand in marriage beforehand. He can be such a gentleman when he wants to.

He had arranged with all of our friends to be at our favorite bar that night, so after he proposed we went out to celebrate. People bought us Cherry Jack Bombs galore and we were both so hammered and happy.

The Hammered and Happy Couple

When we got home that night, he proposed to me again, only this time in the style of Randy "Macho Man" Savage. For those of you who know anything about professional wrestling, Macho Man proposed to Miss Elizabeth in the ring once on television. Bradley, in his drunken stupor, fashioned himself as Macho Man and myself as Miss Elizabeth and asked me, "Miss Kaylaaaaa, Willlll Youuuuu Marrrrryyyyy Meeeee?" I of course had to accept, as his proposals just kept getting more and more creative. He then proceeded to pass out cold while I stayed up to eat a PB&J. Perfect ending to a perfect night.

Snapping into Slim Jims in his dreams

It's been almost a year since we got engaged, and we are planning on getting married 7 months from now. It's crazy to think about how quickly time has flown by and pretty soon I'll be walking down the aisle to my Mach Man. I'm so so glad that Bradley went the extra mile to make our proposal really memorable and special. I really did get so lucky, and I can't wait to see him standing at the alter :)


  1. Awe. That's so sweet, after I got through the my friends sisters brothers cousins daughters friend. Lol. I love weddings so exciting!!!

  2. So sweet and creative! I LOVE your ring! Unique rings are my favorite. :) Belated congrats!

  3. That ring is freakin' gorgeous!! A couple things... Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth were my favorites, no lie... I was a huge wrestling fan as a kid! Also? "Hammered and happy"... what a glorious way to be! And I love the fact that he's sound asleep and you're all 'I'm going to eat a PB&J'... hahaha, totally me!!

  4. Beautiful ring! Lots of love a happiness for you and your Macho Man. :)

  5. YAY!

    I was thinking that you should do some wedding planning those of us who suck at that kid of thing would like to see how your doing it. just sayin.

  6. Aww! That's a great engagement story! So cute.

  7. I love this story...I cried too when we got engaged but it was because I felt bad for being soooo bitchy for the months previous-the waiting did not bring out the best in me. ha.
    Your ring is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  8. Bling blang!! Beautiful ring, girl! What a great proposal. I love a good engagement story. My mother-in-law walked into the room just as Cole had finished proposing. I was crying and she thought a break or or something bad had just occurred. We told her we were engaged and that just about made her life complete. I mean, really, finding out that VERONICA is gonna be your future daughter-in-law would make any mother's life complete. Just sayin. ;)

  9. Oh my god, I LOVE your ring!! And your stories! You're hilarious!!

  10. What a cute and hilarious story!! And your ring is absolutely gorg!!

  11. Your ring is BEAUTIFUL!! You have good taste :-) I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who didn't see a thing coming and then followed it all up with a night at the bar. hahah!


  12. You have a cool and amazing marriage proposal story, Kayla. It’s true that guys get fidgety when the moment of truth finally comes. Anyway, the ring is so beautiful. This design is what I usually call “yin-yang”. It’s symbolic because of the union of the opposite ends, just like the union of two different persons that chose to commit their lives with each other.

    Milagro @DiamondsDirectMN.com

  13. Such a cute story!! What a beautiful ring! My Husband is all into professional wrestling, so I totally know what you are talking about.