Random Things from my Brain

So as I told you yesterday, I've been pretty sick. Turns out, Kayla Layla has her very first UTI (is that TMI? Maybe I just like using acronyms?). Bradley has been the biggest sweetie pie the last few days taking care of me while I acted dramatic and squealed loudly when I peed. I think Chordie has been having some sympathy pains as well because she's been bringing her own drama and driving Bradley insane.

I am loving every minute of it.

Anyways, I finally went to the Dr. after four days of suffering, and now I have all the meds I need to make me feel better and to turn my pee into a vibrant shade of orange. I am literally pissing Fall over here folks. Too bad it doesn't smell like Pumpkin Spice, I'd have it made!

So I told you all about my photo session I had on Sunday, which was so much fun. It was for my sister Heather's best friend Amy and her family. Amy is like my 5th sister. I've known her my entire life, and she and Heather have been friends I think since before I was even born. Her husband Paul and their daughter Olivia were just a blast to work with and I think they turned out pretty darn well in my opinion.

On another note, I've been thinking about the idea of button swapping. Is anyone interested? I want my blog to look like all the cool kids who have sponsors. Except my buttons will be free and I'm not quite a cool kid. If this sounds like something you'd want to do, leave me a comment so we can swap!

I wish Bradley had a blog so that everyone could harass him until he writes his blog post. He was all gung-ho about it and now he's using the excuse of "having to take care of me" for why he's not done yet. So as a repercussion, follow him on Instagram @bradgl0ver (that's a zero instead of an O) and haze him until he cooperates. He only responds to brute force, so I'm using alternative measures aside from my usual nagging and bitching.

Geez, I really must be sick!


  1. My buttons are free for the swapping too, I'd do it!

  2. Hopefully you feel better soon! I had a UTI last summer, during my towns fair week...apparently drinking large amounts of beer doesnt help the situation. Anyways, the medicine they gave me not only turned my pee neon orange but gave me another infection! Hopefully you get to skip out on that part!

  3. UTI was the worst thing ever. i'd scream everytime I peed and I wasn't even being dramatic. It sucks! I hope it goes away completely soon!

  4. Yes, let's swap buttons!

    I can't believe you went four days without seeing a doctor... I've never had one but my daughter gets them and she's in horrible pain!! You poor thing!

  5. "Pissing Fall over here folks" = CLASSIC. Hope you feel better!

  6. hahahah I saw the title and I knew it would be good!!! Yes I want your button ;)

  7. Owie!!! Except my UTI's never hurt when I pee so I have no comparison just sympathy pains for you. I just have to pee like a crazy person (how's that for TMI...LOL). I would swap buttons with you because you are a cool kid.
    I didn't know you were a photog? Did I miss that? Me too:)

  8. So we are in misery together. I've been battling one for two weeks and it's not pretty. What are you taking?

    PS-Just added your button to my blog...not sure why I hadn't already.

  9. I feel your pain. I have had two UTI's in the past two months. I wish my doctor would just give me antibiotics to keep at home. But I guess that is illegal or something. I need a design first, but would love to swap buttons. My goal is to have my blog design done this weekend.

  10. Great pictures!! You done good! I would LOVE to button swap with you!!! Let me know!

  11. Sorry you have a UTI and are feeling crummy! You are lucky this is your first one ever!! Drink lots of cranberry juice and buy some AZO tablets from the pharmacy!

    And I would love to button swap!! I want to be a cool kid too!

  12. Watch out with the UTI they creep up on you. They seem to sneak up on me on Sunday mornings thus requiring a random w eekend medclinic in my hooha.

    I'd love to swap....granted I'd need to finally get a button made wouldn't I?

    1. We could start our own cool kid club!!!

      (The uncool kids say that, don't they.)

  13. I would totally swap buttons with you!

  14. UTI's suck..they seriously have to be part of one of the inner rings of hell. (Did I screw up that phrase? I think so! haha)

    Love the photos, what a cutie the little girl is :-).

    I'd love to swap buttons with you, if you're still doing so! Hell has gotta be freezing over, 'cause I have finally been waking up early to pre-write posts ;-)