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Hey Nerds!

How 'bout them Redbirds last night, huh?! We're big St. Louis Cardinals fans in the Glover house. Bradley's middle name is Louis after the Cardinals, that's how die-hard we are. I just wanted to share some love for our boys, and here's to kicking some ass in the NLCS!

Anywho, one of my favorite bloggers, Veronica, is here today in Kayla-Layla-Land to guest post for y'all. She is one of the funniest people ever, she always posts the funniest comments and sends the most hysterical emails. I know you all will love her just as much as I do after reading this, but not more than I love her. Because that just isn't possible.

Veronica has such an amazing weight loss story, and she looks incredible. The first blog post I read of hers was about taking a selfie of herself and how she feels about the way she looks. In this picture she looked so beautiful and so confident, I had a hard time believing she used to be heavy-set. She is definitely an example of what hard work and determination can accomplish. Veronica is an inspiration to me and I hope I can get my shit together and look and feel as amazing as she does.

Hi KaylaLayla readers! My name is Veronica. My original home on the Internets was www.vwattsthoughts.blogspot.com . Long story short, I've been inactive in the blog world because of some darn spammers. Kayla is trying to entice me back to blogland with a guest post. Well, of course, I had to jump on the chance to do a guest post for THIS blog. If this is your first time catching Kayla's blog, please stay tuned. She is HILARIOUS! Like for real! I have a blog crush on her and I ain't ashamed to say. I usually get a healthy dose of the funnies from her posts while I'm at work. In case you happen to be my boss reading this post today, I meant to say I read Kayla's blogs when I am at home, after work, on my own time, not clocked in using company hours.

So, I'm gonna share my fatgirl slim journey with you guys. We all love a good weight loss story, right? For those of you who haven't had a baby yet I know it can get kind of annoying to hear the whole, "I lost a ton of weight after I had my baby" story. It's like, "Yeah, you are SUPPOSED to lose a ton of weight after having a baby. What about us fat girls that are fat from the get-go?"   Well, let me assure you I was fat waaaayyyy before I got pregnant with my daughter. So hopefully that puts us all on common ground.

I'm gonna try to cram some really important back story into just one paragraph so bear with me. I was 220lbs by jr in high school. I started losing weight the healthy way and got down to about 160ish pounds by 21yrs old. Then I decided to go a lil cray cray and picked up a nice colorful delightful eating disorder-bulimia. I struggled with that hoe for 6 years. Then I got into recovery at the age of 26. I went from 138lbs to 190lbs pdq. For the past 5 years that I've been in recovery my weight has been up and down, although never getting any lower than about 180lbs. I got pregnant and by the time I was ready to deliver my daughter my weight had gotten up to 238lbs. YOWZA! Then after I had her I weighed in at 210lbs. I then very quickly ate my way back up to 216-220lbs. PHEW!!! That was a lot of back story to catch you guys up on where I started on my weight journey this time around. Can we please have a moment of silence for the elasticity that my skin has lost from ballooning up and shrinking down over and over within a decade's time? Le sigh.

Okay, so back in October of 2012 I told my husband that I really wanted to give weight loss another shot. He's heard this spiel several times before so although he was super supportive on the outside I wouldn't be surprised if he was  inwardly rolling his eyes. I started my blog as an attempt to have more accountability. I figured that putting my weight loss attempt out there for the whole world to see might make me stick to it better. I was scared ishless about doing it but I wanted to give it a shot. So there I was in all my fat glory for people to support or to mock. To my shear joy, I found a lot of support. In those early days I remember writing a whole lot about falling off the wagon and really not liking my body. There was talk about double chins, fat tummies, and feelings of failure.

Around that same time the hubby and I started going to couple's therapy. Our therapist was AWESOME! Through speaking with me he was able to see through my sunny disposition and he very quickly pinned down the fact that I was negative and very controlling. How is this awesome, you ask? Well, when I accepted that truth for myself I was able to begin to change it. And by "I" I mean God. I prayed a lot about becoming more positive. It took a while for me to learn not to speak badly about myself. After all, making witty jokes about my thighs and double chin were second nature. Learning to take it easy on myself when I messed up food wise was quite a process too! But little by little things started falling into place. The pounds began melting away. I remember reaching 192lbs. This was the weight I was right before I became pregnant. I finally reached my pre-pregnancy weight. How exciting. Then I remember seeing the scale read 181lbs and I almost couldn't believe it. I had surpassed my pre-preggo weight without even obsessing about it(as I normally would have). Then I remember getting into the 170's. This set of numbers had always taunted me. For the five years I've been in recovery I would get soooo freakin' close to the 170's only to fall off the wagon and shoot back up the 190's. Then I remember reading 169lbs on the scale. HOLLA! In Big Holly's words, "I TOTALLY HAD OPRAH CRY FACE!"  I hadn't been close to that weight in five years. Through out this entire process I had been so appreciative of every single ounce or inch lost but I must admit that seeing my body in the 160's had me feeling like my body was finally beginning to look like what it was meant to look like - healthy body. Early last week the scale read 163lbs. I got so excited that I decided to have three days of glutenous celebration. Okay, that's not the reason I gorged on food from Thursday to Sunday.

I couldn't have you all thinking that my journey has been perfect and pristine. I still occasionally fall victim to losing my mind and going hog wild down the candy isle. I did manage to eat a whole sleeve of Rollos AND a bag of Peanut Butter M&M's at the movies the other night after a nice Hibachi dinner. Yeah, I still got moves like Jagger(if Jagger were a compulsive eater). I find that when my schedule gets screwed with and my gym time gets nixed that I tend to search for normalcy through fatty, fantastic, sensational carbs. I can also see how the accountability that I had with my readers was a crucial part of my journey. Darn you, Kayla! I think you've successfully enticed me back into blog world! So, this week is dedicated to getting my mind right and getting back to the gym. I have goals to reach and fat to evict from their cozy home on my inner thighs. This girl is on a mission!
Thank you all so much for allowing me sneak some very much needed blog time on the lovely Ms.Kayla's blog. I hope you all have a great week. And because my need for blogging has been renewed, I'll see you in the Internets!

You're all welcome for being so persuasive and convincing this lady to come back to the dark side :)

Make sure you leave some love for Veronica in the comments just to reinforce the idea that she need to get her skinny ass back to blogging again!

Peace out Girl Scouts!


  1. Great post Veronica!! I want to read more! (so yes, open that blog back up!)

    I too think its almost an injustice to show all the before/afters on IG or blogs of pregnant bellies and then the quest for health afterwards...there are many of us who didn't have the pregnancy as our tipping point. Some of us grew up in our fat pants from day one, not just maternity fat pants.

    Good luck in your jump back to the interworld, and sharing your journey!

    1. Thank you April! I'm excited to get back in the blogging game. Yeah those before pics with a belly full of baby are not what I consider a true before. Give me a pic of good ol' belly full of fat THEN its a true before.;)
      Pre-baby Fat Girls unite! Although, let me just tell you I sneaked a peek at your blog. You're a hot mama! It seems your fat girl days are behind ya.

  2. I hope to see you in the World Series Kayla Layla... I always look forward to beating the Cards!;) BOOM!

  3. There are soooo many reasons I love you. But by far, you calling me "skinny ass" is why I love you the most. You're the strawberry to my margarita. HUGS!!! Thank you for letting me guest post. It was the rejuvination that I needed.

  4. We need to be friends. http://www.mommasgotadudesname.com

    Make it happen.

    1. And by we I mean Veronica and Kayla. I'm sorry if that was confusing. I've only had the two cups of coffee this morning. This is clearly not enough.

    2. Let's do this! A friend who is lacking sleep and needs coffee in order to think sound like someone I can get along with.

  5. I love this post!!!! I think you need to tell the spammers to f-off, and start a new blog!

    And how awesome was that game!!!!

    1. Thanks Becky! I'm still researching how to give spammers the bird!lol

  6. Hey Kayla! Thx for the kick! I've been missing this lady!

    Good luck getting back in the sway with the new job Veronica!