I'm Alive!

Well hello strangers!

Yes, I am alive. I received so many distressed emails from all of you that I was anticipating seeing my face on the news under an Amber Alert. I felt so special :)

Truth is, Kayla Layla needed to unplug. I've had a lot of shit going on lately that I really needed to focus on. Life has been giving me lemons, so I've spent the last week turning them into Screwdrivers.

For real though, I think sometimes we get so caught up with "keeping up" that we neglect to see the things around us that need our attention. I'm a firm believer that anything important is worth fighting for. I have been fighting like hell.

With that said, I am back in action. I'm ready to plug back into social media and dazzle you with all of the wonderful things I've done the last week.

Just kidding! The McRib is back. The majority of my time has been spent devouring these delicious gifts from God.

I was so excited I had to photograph the menu while ordering my first McRib of the year. I take this shit pretty seriously.

This past weekend I partied my face off at our friends, Brody & Courtney's wedding. I looked like a retro Kardashian and rocked my top knot and houndstooth dress like a boss.

Bradley almost died at the reception because he tends to forget he's a diabetic when he's been drinking. He will turn dark red with a ring of white around his eyes and they get all glassy eyed. His blood sugar was almost 400 and he was chugging water like mad. He wouldn't let me take care of him or help him, but I wasn't about to let him ruin my fun. There were kegs to be cashed and moves to be busted. Thankfully he returned to normal just in time to take me home so that I could pass out cradling the iPad in my nice warm bed.

We also just joined the new Gold's Gym Express that just opened up in our town. I decided I needed something to counteract my McRib consumption, and I really wanted the free t-shirt.

So now I'm going to be forcing myself to do all of those things I don't want to do and keep complaining about. I'm going to quit drinking soda unless we go out to eat for a special occasion, I'm going to limit myself to 1 McRib a week (this is subject to change), and I'm going to make a more concerted effort to eat healthy again. Healthy to me isn't full blown eating clean, no carbs type shit. For me, portion control is key. I can lose weight by working out and eating like a normal person. But if you tell me I can't eat a dinner roll, I'm going to eat 10. Because I love dinner rolls and I won't ever give them up. Suck it Atkins Diet.

Also, in case you all didn't think I was wonderful enough, I've been focusing on my photography as of late. I did a shoot with my sister Heather, my niece Kjirsten, and my nephew Kohlton. I had her friends Amy & Paul and their daughter Olivia come back out with us too. I had taken pictures with them previously, but we wanted to get some with all of the kids together. I think they turned out mighty swell.

And that's been my life this past week. Working on life, working through life, and everything in between. I promise I will respond to all of my emails tonight, just so you know this isn't some Kayla Layla imposter pretending to write my blog. I plan on returning to my regularly scheduled programming the rest of this week. Shit's gonna get deep 'round here!

Later Taters!


  1. Glad to see you are back!!! Beautiful photography...great outfit for the wedding and you can have my share of McRibs-bleck!!!
    have a great day!

  2. Yay! You're back! I was thinking about you yesterday on my drive home. (I may be a stalker)

  3. I'm glad your back.. and you're one mcrib a week sounds solid! Good luck!

  4. Oh honey I missed you! Pics look awesome as does your free t-shirt.

  5. You both looked great for the wedding!! I regret chopping off my hair when I see cute buns like that! hehe...that could be misconstrued :)

  6. Sweet Jesus, I'm glad you're back... I was seriously worried! Glad you're concentrating on the important stuff... when you step away from the computer it's amazing how much real life is out there, isn't it?! I hope things are ok!!

  7. AHHHH I've missed you and you haven't texted me back and I was so worried about my most favoritest Kayla Layla!! PS as always you looked beautiful at the wedding :)

  8. Missed you - glad to see that beautiful face and you looked beautiful.

  9. YAYYY! Unplugging is great and needed sometimes. Welcome back! Glad Bradley is okay, that is crazy. And you looked cccaaa-uuuute in your "retro Kardashian" look. I love it. Your pictures look great and I fully agree on portion control. Do not tell me I can't eat something, unless it's extremely harmful to my health.

  10. So glad you're back and feeling better! I was worried that the bladder infection had gotten ya.. I'm a worrier like that :-).

    Wow, you did retro Kardashian in the best kind of way- loove the dress!

    I know all too much about time<responsibilities<technology.. uhg! (Did I do that right?? I've been out of math classes for more years than I care to admit..)


  11. So glad you're back!! I missed you! Beautiful photos, too!

  12. Sweet Mother... The McRib has not made it's way back to the STL yet. We were driving through Southern Illinois last weekend on our way to the HolyLand (Go Irish), and my husband and friends mocked me for wanting to get the goodness that is the MacRib. Don't fret though, because my fat ass will let you know once they have reached the 314/636 area code.