Life Actually

Have you ever had one of those moments where you're writing a blog post and you start to re-read it and you're like, "This is complete shit."

That just happened to me.

Yesterday we had a murderer on the lose in the area surrounding where I work. Some places were evacuating and some were on lock down. We, on the other hand, were working away, googling news on the situation and pretending like someone who was armed and dangerous wasn't potentially blocks away from where we were. Just another day in paradise :)

Bradley and I are really kicking ass at this whole gym thing. I say that having only gone twice. But it's two more times than we've ever gone in the past. We feel good and we have a good time. Somehow I seem to have more time to get things done in the evening? I'm not sure how this happens, but I go to the gym right after work, come home and cook dinner, and still have a couple of hours to blog and chill. Working out is magic.

On the way home from the gym last night, Bradley stops at this local Italian place and went in and got their garlic bread. It is seriously the most delicious bread of all time. I was on the phone at the time and didn't have a chance to ask him what he was doing. When he gets back in the car I was like, "Why would you go get garlic bread after we just worked so hard at the gym?" And he goes, "You're all, 'Oh don't take my rolls away I love bread blah blah blah so I got you bread!"

He reads my blog, and he satisfies my need for carbs. I could not love him more.

Anyone have any good suggestions for us to keep our workout routine fresh and effective? It's been so long since I've worked out regularly, and I can't find my workout notebook I had when I had a trainer. It feels kind of like starting over. But in a good way. I feel so excited about this new journey for Bradley and I, and I can't wait until we are super hot and sexy again :)


  1. I'd try a pump class if they have one. It is something you'd both probably enjoy since its weights :) and add in cardio for 1 hour. I prefer classes otherwise I feel like I'm just frolicking around not knowing what to do and end up doing nothing ;)

  2. I try to make short term goals and give myself 12 weeks to complete them then after those 12 weeks I find a new set of goals and switch up my routine. Simple stuff like in 12 weeks I want to bench x amount of weight and squat x amount, and the next 12 weeks would be about running a 5k in a certain time, or working up to spending 45 minutes on the treadmill without dying. It really helps me to make a plan for those 12 weeks also, otherwise im just kind of willy nilly walking around like what now?

  3. Um first off you are hot and sexy. Ha! Classes keep stuff interesting. I used to change up my routine every 6 weeks. Are you doing machines, free weights? Maybe you said and I missed it. I can email you my routine if you want. So proud of you. The hardest part is starting the routine. Great job!!!

  4. Use Pinterest to grab some quick workout ideas! So many bloggers and others post up those 20-30 minute circuit workouts. Get ya in/out and sweaty (twss). Or take a class if one strikes your interest - such as a HIIT class, Body Pump, Bootcamp, etc. Even if you don't go to those continually - they are good opportunities to see some new moves that you can then do on your own.

  5. Well, I am glad you didn't get murdered!!! WTH? That is just crazy!

    Way to go on going to the gym! I need to get my fat ass back there.

  6. I have some apps (no not appetizers - get your head outta the gutter) on my phone. I have one for an ab workout as well as a couple running ones (I'm so not a runner, so they are all beginners type stuff). I also have one where you pick what body part you want to work and it will give you some options to do weight lifting. I think they were all free too.

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