Top 10 Things I Want to do Before 30

I've been feeling pretty old lately I must say. I feel like, one minute I was 16 and I was zooming around in my Dodge Neon blasting angry Kelly Clarkson songs and not having a care in the world. Now I'm 26 and I feel like I'm 50. I found multiple gray hairs growing out of my head the other day which prompted me to ask myself, "When the fuck did I get so old?"

There are so many things I want to do before I hit the big 3-0 (when I'll be REALLY old) and since I'm in my happy place when I'm making lists, here goes nothin'.

1. Get Married. This is number one on my list for obvious reasons. I want to be married when I have children, and I want to bind myself to this lucky fella sitting on the couch with me right now. I want to be a bride and wear white and create the ultimate playlist for my wedding reception. I want all that shit, and I want to do it before I get to an age where people are like, "Oh this is her first marriage? I thought she was like 30?"

2. Have kids. I want to make babies so hard sometimes. The majority of the time I want to nap and spend my money foolishly in the dollar section at Target. But I really have always wanted to be a Mom and get to experience childhood through my children's eyes. I want to be that Mom that shows up to every conference and embarrasses her children in various ways, and I want to be a MILF. Plus I think the world would really benefit from a couple of little Bradley/Kayla's.

3. Go to Disneyland. I am a huge huge huge Disney World fan. We went on vacation there almost once a year when I was a kid. I would cry every time I left. I would still cry today, that's how magical it is. I've always wanted to visit Disneyland and experience everything that it has to offer. I'm still trying to convince Bradley that we should honeymoon there...

4. Get a motorcycle license. Is that what you call it? I'm not entirely sure. Anyway, I've always wanted to ride a motorcycle by myself at least one time in my life. I don't know that I would have it in me to ride one often, given the history I have with them. But I think my Dad would be proud knowing I gave it a shot at least one time.

5. Cut my hair. Yeah, you read that right. I think at least one time before I'm 30 I need to hack this shit off. Just to give it a try. It's been a while since I've had "short" hair, and even then it was at least medium length. I'm talking bob cut to my shoulders type shit. Granted I'm going to have to lose weight so that I look a little more feminine. I don't know how I would take someone calling me sir.


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