Rebranding My Photography Business with a Baby Pokemon Trainer on the side

So many changes have occurred in the last few weeks, the most obvious being the update of my blog design. I've been participating in a lot of photography based webinars, trying to hone in on how to be a better photographer while building and promoting the business side as well. Something they all consistently preach is finding your style because it in and of itself can speak volumes about you and the type of work you put out. I have the absolute best brother-in-law Chris at Hubby Jack's Blog Attack, who did another blog design for me, this time incorporating my love of houndstooth and gold. When he asked me to describe what I wanted I said, "Kris Jenner." Even though he didn't know what that meant, he somehow managed to channel her and I LOVE IT. 

Houndstooth is my favorite print in the whole wide world. My house is covered in it from my pillow covers to my ottoman, table runners, valances, seat covers, even my refrigerator is lined in it. I have purses, clothing, scarves, and I even stenciled a houndstooth wall in my daughter's room.

No chill when it comes to Houndstooth
The photo quality is shitty - I took it with my POS iPhone 5S because I was too pregnant to go get my camera at the time. Thank God I'm no longer with child, and I've since upgrade my phone. This is not an accurate representation of my work ;)

Anyway, back to the changes. So outside of my amazing blog re-design, I also decided to re-name the business to Kayla Layla Photography. Something else I learned in the last couple of weeks is that branding is key, and I felt that my previous name was confusing and hard to associate with me. My social media, blog, and business name are now all Kayla Layla, which streamlines everything and helps with brand recognition. Plus, it's just more me, ya know? And since it's still early and nothing has really been set in stone, it was easy to do.

Chris also made it so that my images can be pinned to Pinterest so if you're here and want to help make me famous, pin away :)

Lastly, Lorelai just hit the 4 month mark a couple of weeks ago. Each month I like to do a themed shoot for her. It's something I want for her to have when she grows up, and it helps me work on my skills too which is great. Bradley and I loved playing Pokemon GO! this summer so it was the obvious choice for her 4 month theme. I hand painted her onesie and hat, and accidentally ordered a knock-off Pikachu from Amazon. It looks nothing like the picture did, but whatever, you get the point.

So, so cute and so much fun to shoot. My kid is perfect (not that I'm biased or anything) and I can't get over how beautiful her face is. Bradley wants the next theme to be a girl since I keep dressing her up as boys:

Not that there's anything wrong with that of course!

Chris also made me a super cool watermark for my images, so now I feel like I'm super legit! I'm so ready to continue working toward cultivating more of my style and brand, and obviously getting better and better behind the camera. It will all come with time, and I'm just excited for the journey at this stage in my life, I'm not so much focused on the destination anymore. Unless the destination is Cabo, in which case, let's go!!!!


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  4. Chris also made it so that my images can be pinned to Pinterest so if you're here and want to help make me famous, pin away :)

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