The Daily Mail and An Apple Orchard Family Photo Session

A while ago I had posted about my daughter's 3 month pictures I took of her dressed as a Baby Harry Potter. They are some of my favorite images and they ended up attracting a lot of positive attention on my Facebook and Instagram pages. I received an email from a press agency in the U.K. wanting to do a story about them and of course I obliged.

The story got picked up and published online by The Daily Mail and Metro, two very popular publications in England.

Despite them saying I was from Chicago (I never said I was, but they along with the rest of the world think if you're from Illinois you must be from Chicago), and at one point they referred to me as Layla (I ain't even mad, ya'll), both articles are still something I am very, very proud of. Obviously I am not the best photographer in the world, yet. I don't have a large following and my calendar isn't entirely booked. But they reinforce to me that I am doing something right to gain this type of recognition. I have unique and creative ways of displaying my subjects, I am fully aware of how to use my camera (and desperately have outgrown it and need a new one *hint hint Bradley*), I understand the concepts of lighting, composition, and focus, and I am getting better and better with every session at telling my subject's story in a beautiful and compelling manner.

This entire experience for me was essentially a confidence booster. It is another of a long list of things I am grateful for in my life, and it reaffirms for me that I am going in the right direction and the choices I have made thus far are helping me to grow and prosper in this career. I loved being able to tell my friends and family about it, and was overwhelmed by the response I received from both Facebook and Instagram as well. I can only hope these are the first of many times my work will be published in the mainstream media :)


I had the opportunity to do a shoot over the weekend at an apple orchard, and (I know I say this a lot) but it's probably my most favorite I've ever done. Amy is my sister from another mister. She and her husband Paul and their daughter Olivia were my first paying clients many years ago when I first started out, and have loyally stuck with me through all these years. They are some of my favorite people and they are always open to whatever crazy ideas I might have.

I've been focusing more and more on the business side of Photography and how I can better myself and my services in terms of the overall experience. I have a lot of things going on in the background right now, trying to create my own personal style guide to share with my clients and also a Q&A to help me get to know them better before we actually meet up to shoot. Amy had asked me for advice on what to wear and I took advantage of the opportunity to put together style boards of the three of them. While they were intended as suggestions, Amy literally went out and bought everything on them and they looked amazing. We also initially planned to shoot in another location, but I have been tossing around the idea of using an orchard in my head for a while now and they were all for it! Their entire session was so much fun and I'm sharing more images than I normally do because I can't get over how incredible they all are :)

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