Weekend Recap and Some More Amazing Fall Family Photos

This weekend I originally had 3 sessions scheduled, which I was so excited for. I enjoy being busy :) However, one family ended up cancelling last minute, which freed up some time for me to stay and enjoy my friend Kristi's baby shower on Saturday. I haven't seen Kristi since her wedding last December, as she's relocated to Germany due to her husband being deployed. She's due in February with their first son and I am so happy for her and the new addition to their already adorable family!

I never get to see my friends since we're all busy being grown ups and moms, so it was nice to spend some time with them, sip a mimosa, and enjoy celebrating Kristi and baby Conner with some of my favorite people!

The first shoot I had this weekend was with the Dowds and Scott families. Megan and Bryan are my next door neighbors, they put up with my dogs making themselves at home in their garage and yard and get to listen to my glowing personality when my windows are open. Bless their hearts. Together with Megan's sister Lynette and her family, along with their Father Will, we met up in the drizzle and wind for their session. Despite being subject to these elements, the pictures turned out beautifully and the colors were amazing. Something about the mood and color scheme of this session definitely makes it one of my favorites!

 I also had a session with the King Family. Mom Melissa had wanted me to shoot their family photos last year, but we ended up canceling due to snow. I was glad we finally had the opportunity to meet up, and her family did not disappoint. This weekend was the first time I've had back to back sessions with no small children and it was such a change! I'm so used to having to talk in funny voices and fake sneezes that it was a little out of my element to deal with teenagers for a change! Despite it being 80+ degrees and humid, you could never tell in these beautiful portraits!


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