Five on Fri-Yay!

I haven't done a Five on Friday in three years, so I might be a little rusty, we'll see. I've got about a 25 minute window to write this post before my kid wakes up and discovers I'm not right next to her and all hell breaks loose. Let's do it!

I'm linking up with A. Liz Adventures today for 5 on Friday. I've been out of the blog game so long I didn't know Darci from the good life blog took a break. It seems like all my old blogger pals have retired (I'm looking at you Holly, come back already so I can continue to ride your blogging coat tails. This shit isn't as easy as you made it look!), so if any of you ARE out there and still reading, comment or email me, let's chat!

1. We were selected as a brand representative for Sprout Shell 4-in-1 Infant Carseat Covers which is one of the coolest things to happen to us. I just received our cover this week and can't wait to take Lorelai grocery shopping this morning with it. It doubles as a cover for shopping carts, so now when I take her with me she can sit in the front strapped in and I'll have more room for groceries. Keep an eye on my Instagram this morning for a photo of us trying it out for the first time. If you're interested in purchasing your own, click my link above and use code Kayla15 for 15% off your purchase!

2. I'm about halfway done decorating the inside of our house for Christmas. It is a process that unfortunately cannot be completed in one sitting. It's become more of a challenge this year because we have to work around baby furniture (her swing, jumperoo, etc) and we have an exponentially larger amount of trees to put out. My home looks like an artificial tree forrest and it is amazing.

3. Our two year wedding anniversary is this Tuesday which also happens to be election day. I told Bradley the only thing I wanted was a nice card and for him to deep clean the Jeep that he has singlehandedly filled with donut crumbs, straw wrappers, and chewed off fingernails. I'm crossing my fingers he makes this November 8th just as special this year as he did two years ago. If I'm lucky, he'll even throw in a new air freshener.

This really happened to me on my wedding day
4. We have entered Lorelai's photo into another contest for a chance at winning a $250 Toys R Us gift card. Being basically a single income family (I'm still working my way toward making a profit at this photography thing) we have had to cut back on a lot of things which honestly hasn't been that big of a deal. However, I would love to give my daughter the best first Christmas possible, and this would be an amazing way to make that happen. If you love me, please click on the link below, select her Baby Harry Potter image, click on the black heart just above the caption until it turns red. You will have some serious good karma coming your way if you do!

5. Does anyone else have animals that are constantly nearby/next to them? Kind of like my current situation:

This is my couch right now. I'm on the far left squeezed into a little space, i have two large breed dogs laying next to me and the cat hovering over my shoulder watching my every move. Is this normal? Is there such a thing as Attachment Animal Parenting? It's hard enough having a 5 month old who wants to marathon nurse on the reg, but I can't even so much as go to the bathroom without these three waiting outside the door when I come out. I need more personal space in my life!!!

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I have some big things going that I can't wait to share on here soon. You can find me on Instagram (kayla_layla_photography) or Snapchat (kaylaglover19) to keep up with my day to day shenanigans!

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