About Me

Hey All!

I’m Kayla :) I’m a wife to my wonderful husband Bradley, first time mom to my gorgeous baby girl Lorelai Grace, dog/cat mom to Chordelia,  Yadier, & Gemma, and aspiring photographer whose just begun building the foundation of her own little picture takin’ business called Kayla Layla Photography.

I’m still learning a lot about myself in all of the areas above, and I’m a firm believer that when you know better you do better. Which is what I appreciate the most about the blogging community. It affords the opportunity for me to connect with other new mothers who are also balancing their duties as wives, and working to achieve their dreams in the process, which in my case included quitting my full time job in the staffing industry to start my own business while being at home to care for our little girl.

If you’re here, it’s because you’re curious about who I am and what my little corner of the world is all about. So stick around, I promise it'll be fun.


This. This is our awkward family photo. Bradley has one eye closed, I look like a puffy faced monster, and Lorelai is ready to cut a bitch. I swear we are a normal family.

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